Instructions on how to download and install Valorant on a PC


Valorant – The FPS game released by Riot has officially launched. Bringing a new breeze in the shooter community, Valorant promises to bring a lot of interesting things from gameplay, tactics, equipment … Let’s learn how to register, download and install. Valorant through the article below.


Instructions for downloading, installing and registering a Valorant account

First, it must be repeated that Valorant has not been officially released in Vietnam. Therefore, if you want to experience this game, it is imperative that Vietnamese gamers have to fake IP.

First you need to download a VPN software used to change the IP. You can use any fake IP software, but here we will use Hola – a free VPN application is appreciated. (Remember to choose the 64-bit or 32-bit version to match the version of Windows you are using). If you do not know how to use Hola, you can refer to the following article: Instructions to fake ip with Hola.

Download Hola for Windows

Please use Hola browser, switch IP to Singapore to access the link Register account. Here, enter your E-mail address then press the arrow button.


Enter your date of birth in the box.

Date of birth

Filling Username (username) that you desire.


Set a password for your account and complete the registration. At this point, you can press the button Play Now To continue or go to to download the game.

In the web page that appears, you press the button Download. An installation file will be downloaded.


Open the setup file, then press the button Install in the dialog box that appears. If you want to install the game in another drive, click Advanced options below and select the installation location.

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The installation window will now appear, enter your account name, password and then press the arrow button to log in. Then press the button Install.

Log in

A bulletin board appears, click Accept.


The game will be downloaded automatically, please wait a while.


After the download is finished, press the button Play on the screen to enter the game.


Wish you all success!

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