The most powerful weapons in the game Free Fire

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For the shooter series, the weapon is one of the decisive factors to the player’s strength and especially to maximize the capabilities of the weapon you need to understand about it. In the game Garena Free Fire too, you have chosen the most powerful gun for your fighting style?

Here are the most powerful guns in the survival shooter Garena Free Fire you need to know if you want to be invincible when participating in the war of survival.

Top most powerful gun in free fire

The M1887 gun

M1187 is The most powerful gun in Free Fire (FF) because it possesses the highest damage ability (100). The double barrel gun has 2 cartridges but does not have any accessories attached. It is only useful in melee combat.

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The SPAS12 gun

SPAS12 is a gun Strong guns in Free Fire, has a damage score of 97, almost max and a 5 magazine size. You can expand it by adding more magazine if you want. However, SPAS12 can only fire one bullet at a time, making it a high-risk weapon. Missing shot or missing ammo can put you in near-death situations faster.

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The AWM gun

AWM is rated as Most powerful gun in FF with a damage index of 90 and 5 bullets in each chamber. A silencer, gun barrel and magazine can be attached to this weapon, which comes with an 8x scopes attached to the front, making it the perfect choice for long-range battles.

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The Groza gun

Groza is the gun that uses the most powerful AR ammo in Garena Free Fire, even PUBG, Rules Of Survival. The Groza gun is effective in both long-range and close-range shooting so it is suitable in any situation. With a magazine design at the back will reduce the gun size to make the gun more compact and flexible when fighting in tight spaces. It will become more powerful than ever if it is fully equipped with accessories and is the championship gun at a distance of 300m. However, the weakness of this Groza gun has a very slow reload speed and it is difficult to get it.

The Groza gun

The Scar gun

Scar is the best AR gun for new gamers with high stability, low recoil and fast fire rate. This is the only AR gun players can shoot automatically at a medium distance. You will need 6 accurate bullets into the opponent’s body to penetrate level 3 armor. If you are a fan of M416, this Scar gun is also a good replacement.

The Scar gun

The M1014 gun

M1014 also known as M4, this is one of the AR rifles that are very popular when playing shooting games. Especially this gun is suitable for close-range shooting, only 1 to 2 shots can defeat the opponent. In addition, if fully equipped with accessories such as gun stock, magazine, handle, the rate of fire will be faster and recoil is reduced significantly.

The M1014 gun in Free Fire

The VSS gun

The VSS is a silenced sniper rifle built in the hopes of replacing the legendary AK 47 gun. In addition to the automatically mounted silencer, the VSS gun is also equipped with a viewfinder, but it only works effectively when at a distance of less than 500m. The biggest downside of VSS that gamers should note is that the damage level of this gun is really not too high.

The VSS gun in the battle royale game

The M14 gun

M14 is one of the semi-automatic guns manufactured by the US military and used a lot during the war in Vietnam. To achieve the highest efficiency we have to equip the M14 gun with a scope, this gun can also shoot continuously without having to constantly fire, so the ability to hit the opponent will be higher.

The M14 gun

The above is powerful guns in Free Fire. The aforementioned guns with different close-range and long-range capabilities, so depending on the situation, you will choose the right gun for yourself to be able to survive to the end before your opponents.

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