The most perfect PUBG Mobile Lite weapon combo for newbies

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PUBG Mobile Lite boasts an extensive collection of guns and accessories for players to mix and match based on their style. But if you’ve just stepped into the game, don’t miss the weapon combos PUBG Mobile Lite The most perfect for newbie that the article shares right after.

In version PUBG Mobile Lite offers a variety of weapons for players. Each type has its own use. The right combination of weapons together will help you a lot in the fight. However, it can be difficult for new players to try out all the guns to find their favorite pick. That’s why, mixed & matched and released 3 best PUBG Mobile Lite weapon combos for newbies in the following article.

The best combo for every player in pubg lite

The weapon sets best suited for newbies

3 best weapon combos for PUBG Mobile Lite newbies

1. Combo 1: M416 and S12K

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This is an easy combination to use, but the results it gives are not bad at all. Dubbed the best gun for beginners, the M416 has a pretty good deal of damage with flexible use. And once you get all the accessories for this gun, it becomes a beast in both melee and mid-range combat. On the other hand, the S12K is a shotgun that has a super fast fire rate and you can add ammunition. It is a great choice for beginners who are not good at aiming as you can simply tap repeatedly to shoot at close range.

2. Combo 2: Scar L and UMP9

but the best combo for everyone playing pubg mobile lite

Most new players want to own 2 guns that can fire automatically in PUBG Mobile Lite. Therefore, the AR and SMG combo is an outstanding choice. Like the M416, the Scar L is an AR gun that shoots 5.56mm bullets with decent speed, good damage, and little recoil. When it comes to SMGs, nothing can beat the UMP9. This gun fires at lightning speed without recoil, promising to knock down opponents instantly at close range.

3. Combo 3: M416 and Kark98k

combo selection guide for beginners weapons lite mobile pubg

As mentioned above, the M416 is a great gun that can serve well in both close and mid-range combat. What it lacks is the ability to fire long shots or snipe enemies at a distance. Therefore, most players will pair it with a DMR or sniper rifle. For newbies, suggests you to use Kark98k. This is a somewhat unwieldy combo, but the best on this list. Practice aiming carefully, have a good scope, then you’re ready to go.

Above are the 3 best weapon combos that PUBG Mobile Lite beginners should try. However, feel free to experiment and mix available guns according to your playstyle. In addition, you should also study How to stay focused to shoot guns without recoil in PUBG so that the most effective can win against the opponents in the game.

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