The most noticeable characters in superhero movies even if they are only supporting roles (P.2)

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5. Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy)

It can be said that the image of the villain Ego was created very successfully. In the comic book version, it is a living planet, born when a savant fused with his planet just before it was destroyed. Ego has great power, can control the climate and environment right on his “body”. Not only that, but he can also control the ecosystem and spawn a variety of powerful creatures to protect the planet (or his own body). Ego has countless children born to Ego to absorb energy and Peter Quill (Star Lord) in the group Guardians of the Galaxy is one of them.


4. Valkyrie (Thor)

As the emerging female superhero in Thor 3: Ragnarok, the image of Valkyrie is based on the goddess Valkyrie in Norse mythology with an imagined appearance of blonde hair, tall, and strong. However, the female martial god in the film has a completely opposite image. But the fans should not be disappointed, although the appearance is not as imagined, the superhero aura and the strength of this female martial god still remain the same. Surely Valkyrie on the big screen will bring viewers more interesting and attractive surprises.


3. Joker

Perhaps there is no doubt that Heath Ledger is the actor who plays the most successful Joker, his Joker character is also rated as “unprecedented in history”. The Joker is known to be Batman’s most enduring and annoying enemy, representing “everything Batman is up to.” His appearance, personality, laughter and jokes often leave a deep impression on the audience and readers. But this time, his monstrosity was raised to the level of madness, making viewers more attracted and interested in this character.


2. Vulture (Spider-man)

In Spider-man, the villain Vulture plays a very important role. His background is originally the owner of a small company, specializing in cleaning the streets after superheroes fight. However, since Tony Stark founded Damage Control, a government-affiliated organization has operated similarly to Vulture’s company. His source of life was gone and worse still, Vulture had a family to take care of. This led him to enter the “poor life of a thief” step, becoming a villain.


1. Lex Luthor (Batman v Superman)

In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of JusticeLex Luthor is one of the characters that left the deepest impression in the movie. Also the villain, but he is different from all previous villains in superhero movies. He is an extremely opportunistic, sinister man. Lex Luthor’s cunning is beyond human imagination. He tried every way to separate Batman and Superman with many tricks that made viewers shiver because of his fear.


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