The most effective strategy to play Miramar PUBG map

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In today’s article about PUBG game, we bring you some tips, tricks and strategies for Miramar PUBG map that will bring you closer to victory, claiming the Chicken Dinner title.

The second map of PUBG Miramar can be a tough challenge for gamers who are not familiar with it. Compared to Erangel, Miramar almost looked like an uninhabited land. Taimienphi’s guide will tell you all about this desert wonderland, with tips and tricks on how to survive.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map

Miramar PUBG Map

Strategy to play Miramar PUBG map to win

1. Miramar . Desert Map Basics

Miramar is much bigger than Erangel, and you should always consider that. It’s best to change your parachute position based on how and where the other 99 players don’t jump.

The route of the plane is also something that you must keep in mind. Since the map is larger than Erangel, you may not get to the right place if you don’t jump off nearby. So the player will usually hop along a route with the plane and then try to get to the inner circle. To do so, planning ahead is key. You should take note of the important locations and change it when you fall in the desert. In contrast to Erangel, Miramar is much more barren. You won’t find as much foliage as the covers there, however, there are plenty of hills that replace it.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map 2

Campsites are sparse on the map

It’s a common rule in PUBG that there will be enemies wherever the loot is placed. Larger villages and towns plus buildings are the best loot, along with the largest number of enemies that will spawn. To combat that, you have to plan your move in advance (if you get there first), don’t be too greedy to take everything.

2. Go to the best places to loot on Miramar

Similar to Erangel, the best places where you can find loot are places with names highlighted on the map. Other outlying places will sometimes yield a few good items, but the only way to be sure to get some high-powered guns is to infiltrate areas with lots of giant buildings. Pick up the weapon as soon as possible because the enemy will soon be tailing you. Here are some of the most common looting spots on the desert map

– Campo Militar: The military complex of this map, filled with the most powerful guns in the PUBG world. This is definitely one of the most dangerous places to visit, but if you want to save your life then don’t go there, the chances of winning are still there.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map 3

El Pozo – One of the best loot locations

– Hacienda Del Patron: This place has a lot of good weapons, like the Campo Militar above, but much smaller. Dozens of naked players running around trying to get guns is not uncommon in this location.

– Los Leones: One of the largest areas on Miramar, Leones is an area consisting of many tall buildings, alleys and unfinished concrete buildings. All those structures are also filled with weapons and equipment. However, due to the size of the area, it will take you quite a while to clean the whole thing.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map 4

Waterworks – Popular area for the match

– Minas Generales is not a place most players consider a good starting point. However, if you are landing here, look under the water tower, there is a lot of good equipment down there.

– Pecado is an industrial casino with a large number of buildings surrounding it. Get ready for a fight before you fall because you’ll likely get into a fight as soon as you land.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map 5

Pecado – A town located in the middle of the region

Completely different from Erangel, the comfort zone is one of the biggest challenges in Miramar. Due to the fact that the terrain is filled with hills plus the large map size, it will take less time for players to loot. That means most of the time falling to the edge of the map is not a viable option, while falling to the center will land you with a lot of people. So Miramar is much more difficult.

3. Using means of transportation

Due to the larger size of the map, vehicles in Miramar constantly need fuel. If you’re planning on using any vehicle, pick up any nearby fuel tanks. Despite being heavy and space-consuming, those fuel cans ensure that you won’t run out of fuel while on the move or on the run.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map 6

Crossing the desert by vehicle

Driving in this kind of terrain is something you won’t enjoy, but do anyway. The sand nature plus all the hills will stop you from going anywhere. There is a simple method that you can use to fix the problem that is running. If you move like that, beware of snipers.

4. Beware of snipers

The best strategy in Miramar is sniping – the entire map is designed around it, so to speak. You can hide in the rocks or indoors, preferably on the highest hill you can see over the area. Given the large size of the map, you probably won’t see much action, but enemies won’t be able to detect your presence.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map 7

Sniper is the core of the game

5. Create surprise attacks

Miramar’s hilly structure can be used to an advantage for anyone. The most common trick people use is to hide next to some important spot like vehicles or crates, waiting for some players to go to loot.

Learn how to play the best miramar pubg map 8

Set up some ambushes
These are all the most effective Miramar PUBG map strategies that Taimienphi can offer you, giving you strategies or advantages in the game. Wish you readers have a good time playing the game. In addition, during this time, please refer to how Register for Primary Player PUBG Lite receive many attractive gifts

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