The most complete Play Together exam 2022 answers, 1 year old birthday

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Question Answer – What is the global launch date of Play Together? April 13, 2021 – What is the name of the minigame in this photo? Obstacle wheel – At what time does the first lesson start at school? 9:00 – NPC Sika does not sell any of the following products? Coffee latte – The item can be obtained through the following collection? Fish cake carpet – Which is not the line of the Fisher NPC? Sea fishing is very special and interesting. – Which of the following items is the cheapest? Light orange mouse hat – This is a picture drawn by an employee of Play Together. What is the name of the fish in the photo? Tiger Fish – What fish does not appear in the Campground?


– What color are Yeonie’s shoes? Green – How many trees were planted on the lost island? 24 – In the drawing class, you have successfully connected the pictures 9 times. So what is your score? C+ – How many objects can you transform into in Zombie Virus game? 55 – Which brand is not a brand that has cooperated with Play Together? KAKAO FRIENDS – How many computers are there in Play Together’s school? 30 – The level of intimacy needed to be able to help the pet reach the maximum level? 700 – What is the time limit for a round in Infinity Tower? 6:00 – Number of rounds played at Obstacle game? 200 – Which is not the NPC of Play Together? Nurse Joy – Who is the owner of the shadow in this photo? Crown egg

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