The Invasion Modern Empire game trick dominates all enemies

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After nearly 7 years of debut, Invasion Modern Empire remains one of the most successful base-building strategy games on mobile. Whether you are a novice or already a strategist from other games, the Invasion Modern Empire game tips shared below will help you grow your army quickly and dominate your enemies. effective.

Invasion Modern Empire Definitely possesses a lot of exciting content and features, along with unique and branded gameplay, ensures a great time of entertainment for players. This is a fairly complex strategy game but it does provide an introductory tutorial to the player on the basics, but that’s not enough. There are many more tips and strategies you need to know to grow your army and dominate the world in a post-apocalyptic setting. Therefore, collected and shared with you some effective tips for playing Invasion Modern Empire game below.

cach choi invasion Modern empire thong tri moi ke thu

Instructions for playing the Invasion Modern Empire for newbies

Tips for playing the game Invasion Modern Empire

1. Perform tasks but do not get rewarded quickly

Invasion Modern Empire There’s a long list of different types of missions for you to do and get rewarded like chapter quests, daily quests, weekly quests, solo missions, and more.

meow choi game invasion modern empire for newbies

For each completed mission, you will receive experience points, gold, Gems and some other items. However, you should not receive the prize immediately afterwards if there is no shortage of items in your inventory. As usual, they can be raided by another player if you take them immediately. When you don’t get the bonus, these rewards will still be there for you to use when needed.

2. Build an equal resource production base

When building resource productive constructions, it is important that you build an equal amount of each type. Each resource is equally essential to your base and your overall success in this game, so it’s best to ensure a balance between the resources you build.

3. Both skill trees are important

cach choi game invasion modern empire for newcomers through nhat

There are 2 skill trees in Invasion: Modern Warfare was Combat and Economy. You should not prioritize just Combat or just Economy. Both of these skill trees are equally important in the overall scheme of things, so you should pay attention to them equally when distributing skill points.

4. Send your army to gather resources beside the battle

Not only does your army do everything for you in battle, but they can also help you in other ways when not in war. Send them to gather resources by going to different farms on the map. But if you can’t find any farm, you can ask your soldiers to raid enemy cities to get valuable resources. One thing you can try is raid on inactive player’s resource production buildings, which is a great and easy way to make sure you have enough resources for construction and development. mine.

5. Join a guild

huong dan choi game invasion modern empire thong tri moi ke thu

It’s interesting that in Invasion: Modern Warfare, alliances are called guilds, a term commonly used in more traditional MMORPGs. But no matter what they’re called, you’ll definitely want to be a member of a clan. The benefits of joining a guild are many. You will be able to join events and quests only for guilds. You can exchange resources with guild members and help each other.

6. Move closer to your Guild during battle

Once you join an active clan, you and your clan members can support each other in battle. That means you move closer to your allies. This is the basic tactic that makes it easy for you to regroup against other clans, as well as defend each other in joint attacks and attacks.

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The article has shared you some information you need to know about Invasion Modern Empire, and hopefully with these tips to play Invasion Modern Empire, you can develop your base effectively and step by step complete the master goal. world map value.
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