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The Bureau Raid is the 5th robbery in GTA 5 which Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton do. To help you complete this robbery successfully, will guide you step by step to perform the task The Bureau Raid in GTA 5 in the article below.

GTA 5 There are 6 different thefts that you have to make with the characters in the game. In this article, we will learn about the 5th theft called The Bureau Raid and the steps taken to complete this mission.

The bureau raid in gta 5

The easiest way to pass missions to The Bureau in GTA 5 game

Instructions for implementing the tasks The Bureau Raid in GTA 5

1. Prepare a plan for The Bure Raid quest

There are 2 approaches that you can choose to accomplish this task: disguise and rooftop crossing.

1.1 Disguise (fire brigade)

Your team will disguise as a lifesaver and enter the FIB building after setting it on fire. Michael will act as a gatekeeper and put the bombs of fire in two rooms. To prepare for this, you need to complete 2 missions: Stealing a Fire Truck and park a escape vehicle near the building, in order to get out after getting out of the fire truck. .

The bureau raid in gta 5

1.2. Breaking from the roof

You do not need to prepare anything if you choose this approach. Your team can land on the roof, take action and then escape.

2. Perform The Bureau Raid mission by disguised as a fire brigade

As Michael, the player drives to the building and uses a fake ID to act as a gatekeeper. After that, go to the 49th floor and start cleaning while placing bombs. There are two bomb locations: lockers and restrooms. Leave the building then activate the bomb.

The bureau raid in gta 5

After escaping from the building, you just need to follow your team. When you reach a locked door, an explosion will take place and take down one of your gunmen. You will need two skilled gunmen by your side as you will eventually have to face many FIB agents chasing Franklin. Kill them, run to the elevator well and climb down while dodging falling objects.

After exiting the building, the player needs to change to a normal outfit and run away from the scene with a prepared escape vehicle.

You can watch the video below to better understand how to complete the task in The Bureau Raid GTA 5 by disguising yourself as a fireman:

3. Perform The Bureau Raid mission by breaking from the roof

Franklin and Michael will go to the NOOSE building, board a helicopter, fly to the FIB building and parachute onto the roof. Team will explore the building after that, with the main goal is to blow up the server room door and hack the server.

The bureau raid in gta 5

The hired hacker will guide Michael to do this. Here are the steps:

– Open My Computer and select the drive External Device (J 🙂.
– Open the file HackConnect.exe.
– HackConnect.exe is a program to hack IP addresses. You will see a sequence of numbers in red (for example: and you will have to find that sequence on the screen within 1 minute.
– After successfully connecting to the server, select the file BruteForce.exe.
– BruteForce.exe is a password decryption program. The red letters in each column combined together is the password you need to find. You select the letters until the password is formed.
Finally, click on the program Down & Out.exe and an announcement with content Copying file N: Townley M PaletoBayBankJob.docu appears indicating that the download has started. Hackers will continue with the rest.

A security group will appear after you hack the server. You must hold on until the download is complete. Another helicopter and a team armed with smoke bombs will eventually arrive. Use Michael’s bullet-time ability to deal with them.

Take your mobile phone and exit the building once the download is complete. If you have a good hacker, the sprinkler system will work and reduce the enemy’s vision. Jump down the building with the rope and try to land. Before that, you’ll have to deal with another helicopter – a shot in the head with Michael’s ability to take the chopper down. After you land, you must destroy some enemies before you get on the car and escape.

You can watch the video below to get a better understanding of how to complete The Bureau Raid mission in GTA 5 by rooftop:

4. The Bureau Raid Mission Rewards in GTA 5

After the theft, Michael will refuse to accept his share and leave. The total reward is 331,985 USD and Lester takes 12% corresponding to 39,838 USD of this amount.

To get the most out of the money, you need to take a rooftop approach, with hacker Rickie Lukens (4%), the driver being Taliana Martinez (5%) and gunman Daryl Johns (6%).

– Total amount: 331,985 USD
Lester’s share (12%): $ 39,838
Team’s share (15%): $ 49,797
– Michael’s share: 0 USD
Franklin’s section: $ 242,349

How to make bureau raid in gta 5

5. Conditions for getting the gold badge

* To get the gold badge by disguising yourself as a fireman, you need to meet the following requirements:

– Time – Finish by 6pm: Skip all cutscenes and try to finish the quest as soon as possible.
– Climb down – Climb down the elevator well door within 30 seconds: You need to avoid falling debris.
– Bomb placement – Complete the cleaning in 3 minutes: Focus on the points marked on the map and quickly place the bombs.
– Oxygen – Escape with 40% oxygen remaining: Try to move continuously to the next target.

The bureau raid in gta 5

* To get the gold badge by breaking from the roof, you need to meet the following requirements:

– Time – Finish before 7:00 pm: Choose an experienced driver to complete the mission faster.
– Hacker – Hack the system within 45 seconds: Perform the above steps to complete the hacking task immediately.
Landing – Perfect landing in the middle of the roof: Just let Michael fall for a while, only open the parachute when he gets close to the FIB building.
– Accuracy – End with at least 70% shot accuracy: Try to destroy agents with the first shots.
– Headshot – Kill 20 enemies with 1 shot in the head: Use Michael’s ability with a shotgun to increase accuracy.
– Do not kill innocent people – Do not kill any innocent people: Avoid hitting people.

The article has guided you step by step in detail how to perform The Bureau Raid mission in GTA 5. Just follow the steps above and you can successfully complete the mission quickly and get the gold badge.

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