The hot girl group invaded Than Long Cuu Kiem, showing off all hot photos, making you panic

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Guild races top server…only women

Walking around Than Long Hoi Quan, I thought the game would be full of PK lovers, eager to plow, but the number of sisters was not inferior, even slightly better. Rarely does any MMORPG have a guild that only recruits women, says no to men – Di Hoa Cung at Than Long Cuu Sword. The woman of Di Hoa Cung state not only has a passion for hunting Boss, Kha Khau but also possesses superlative, gentle, and sexy beauty.

Di Hoa Cung gathers beauties who are extremely passionate about PK

The beauty of Di Hoa Cung woman is at the top level: sexy and gentle

The number of beauties who are passionate about God Long and Nine Swords is very large

The female streamer gives full praise

Right from the first day of its debut, before the fever of Than Long Cuu Kiem, a series of famous streamers such as Thao Chip, Luc Linh TV, Sweet Candy, … have engaged in the battle of breakthrough swordplay. Typically, Ngan Assassin, the streamer muse has given a lot of compliments to this late 2020 super product. From top-notch graphics, strange and familiar gameplay, 12 skill combos, reincarnation system, … are all by NPH Gamota meticulously crafted to meet the expectations of gamers. All female streamers said that Than Long Cuu Kiem has a special play style, which is very suitable for the interests of PK enthusiasts.​


The way to play Than Long Cuu Sword is very suitable for women

The quality of the game is very suitable for women

What is it about Than Long Cuu Kiem that attracts women to be so excited about “engagement”? First of all, the gameplay is easy to breathe but equally fierce, unique and attractive features. The 3D graphics are meticulously invested, exuding the beauty of the first half world, making gamers constantly whisper. All the above plus points have helped Than Long Cuu Kiem gather a large number of “hot girls”, ready to compete in PK with men. Please watch out for your talent and charm!

Super product that gathers a large number of hot girls

Brothers, be careful lest you get caught by your sister’s “clap”.

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