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The gamer was given a Dota 2 cake by his wife on his birthday

Needless to say, everyone knows that wives have a similar concept to … parents, who always think that playing games is useless and pouring tons of money here is not useful at all, just a waste of money. money. But in fact, there are always husbands who are extremely lucky when they get wives who not only understand their husband’s hobbies and passions, but are also extremely psychological and pamper their husbands to this extent.

Recently, a male gamer posted in the Dota2Vn community with a photo of a cake his wife gave him on his 26th birthday. But it’s really a special and meaningful gift for a crazy gamer Dota 2 like the guy who printed the game’s logo on the cake with the same text with nothing more emotional: “Happy Birth Day To My Wonderful Husband”.


Sharing his special gift, the male gamer made many people jealous and secretly admired. If you are passionate about games, almost every “brother” has a little blood in him, but not everyone is lucky enough to be understood and shared by “half”. Even many guys when deciding to give up the single life, becoming a family man also means that they also have to give up their passion, or at least limit their part. any.


So it goes without saying how lucky the male gamer really is, and his wife also deserves the title of “wife of the year” for being so psychologically and pampering her husband. . And surely with this gift, our male gamer was really happy and touched.


Not only gamers, but anyone in life also has their own hobbies and passions. A good game is whatever it is, as long as it doesn’t affect people around or cause any harm, it has the right to be respected. Therefore, girlfriends or wives should try to be more attentive, sympathetic and understanding with the hobbies and passions of their lovers and husbands. And conversely, our gamers should also share more of their hobbies with their “half”, and especially not because they get too caught up in it that affects their family life and surrounding relationships. around, women will also be able to understand and sympathize with your own passions more!​

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