The female gamer who fell in love “socks” immediately gets a “young pilot” thanks to playing PUBG Mobile

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In a survival game like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it seems that the place that covers all is just the fierceness of the battles, the struggle to survive and to become the winner. But no, here still exists the poetry, the sweetness, the romance of the couple’s love, proving an undying thing that, in any situation and in any place, love is still a source of life that cannot be denied.

That’s not why PUBG Mobile It is not an exception when concurrently holding the mission of “matchmaker” like his other brothers. The proof is that there are many couples who are predestined to know, meet and fall in love from this fierce survival game.

Typically, recently, the PUBG Mobile player community couldn’t help but feel “heavy” before showing off the sweet lover of a female gamer nicknamed facebook HNS when it was thanks to playing this game that she was lucky to find it. “young pilot” of my life.​


It is known that HNS’s boyfriend is 1 year younger than her, the two did not accidentally know each other in the game, but from a post of her in the PUBG Mobile group about half a month ago when the female gamer shared her reason for playing the game. She confided that she came to PUBG Mobile to forget her ex, but still can’t forget it.


Her post at that time received great attention from the side PUBG Mobile community with a lot of sympathy, sharing, encouragement. In it, there is a very cute comment from the SN guy: “Sadek, let me come over and play with you, forget it”. It seemed that it was just a random “hearing” from a stranger like any other normal comment, but only half a month later, they officially became a couple.

Sharing about her “accidental and unexpected” love story, HNS humorously draws on the experience of teaching the lesson of making “bears” to the gamers’ association: “The fastest way to exit FA for you guys is to enthusiastically comment on the posts in the group.”


The above quick love story also really surprised the members of the PUBG Mobile group and was also extremely jealous. But no matter what, they still give the best wishes to the couple with their current love. Believe that every encounter is a skillful arrangement of fate. Fate has brought us together, our job is to receive and give all the love we have!

Exchange with the PUBG Mobile community at the group:​​

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