Rules of Survival 300-person battle will be released on February 7

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As we all know, NPH NetEase there are frequent episodes update periodically every Wednesday to update more new content, fix the game’s errors being encountered in order to give gamers a better and more attractive experience in the battle. survival Rules of Survival mobile. In the next update on February 7th, Rules of Survival mobile gamers will continue to experience exciting new content.


In next week’s update, the 300-person survival battle that NetEase revealed last week will officially be included in the Rules of Survival mobile battlefield. The map for this battle will also be a separate map with dimensions 8×8 (8kmx8km).


Not like the old map 6×6 (6kmx6km), the new map will be separated into 2 main islands (1 large, 1 small) and connected by bridges. With this, those who have a hobby of camping will have land to play in this new map. This will be the first time that a survival mobile game allows such a large number of gamers to participate. The battle for survival with 299 other people will be extremely tense and dramatic on February 7.



In addition, NPH NetEase also has some new updates for RoS mobile:​

  • New Aerial Vehicles: Skydiving, Zipline
  • New watercraft: naval war: Hovercraft
  • New land vehicle: SUV
  • Drawing airplanes
  • Car shooting
  • Valentine’s New Fashion

Finally, Rules of Survival will also have some exciting new activities: Valentine’s Drift Bottle Activity and Double Ranked Timeout Activity.


Time frame update of the game on February 7th as well as the usual from 14:00 to 16:00. And now Rules of Survival mobile gamers get ready to become the last survivor in a war of up to 300 people. The most thrilling and exciting survival battle is waiting for you to discover!

Learn more about Rules of Survival:​​

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