Dragon Ball 7 has a new movie, revealing a mysterious villain

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After Dragon Ball Super officially closed, fans only have one goal left is the theatrical version to be released later this year. However, when everyone was still looking towards this movie version, suddenly Toei Animation revealed a completely new Anime series based on the game series. Dragon Ball Heroes.

This new anime series will be based on the plot line of Prison Planet or Prison Planet Arc.. which is shown through many games 7 Dragon Balls before. However, this will be almost the first time that this plot line is shown in full Anime style.


Of course, along with the new Anime series, fans will also get to see a villain that has never been seen before on the screen. Known by the nickname “Evil Saiyan“, he appears with an appearance that is locked by a mental patient’s clothing. This character appears when the Demon King’s son Fu uses the Dragon Ball to let him confront him directly. Goku and Vegeta. It is known that in the game and Manga versions, Goku and Vegeta were forced to transform Super Saiyan Green at the moment of feeling the power of this villain.


The plot of the new Anime series also takes place mainly on Prison Planet – a combination of planets in different universes that are chained and become the site of Fu’s crazy experiments. It is possible that the Anime series will continue to explore the plot of Dragon Ball Heroes and tell us the true face of Evil Saiyan.


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