The fastest way to delete Facebook fanpage

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If you are no longer interested in managing the Facebook fanpage that you are an administrator or that Facebook fanpage is no longer in your development plan and you need space to create another page, you can delete the fanpage. That Facebook through 4 simple steps.

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, in addition to the feature that allows you to make friends, follow and message between people, you can also hide your facebook nick to avoid disturbing others as well as create a Facebook fan page through that. increase interactivity when you make a business plan, share a certain type. However, if you are no longer interested in the Facebook fanpage that you own, you can also delete the facebook fanpage easily by following the instructions below.


1. Action to delete Facebook Fanpage on computer

Step 1: You proceed to login Facebook -> Go to the Facebook fanpage you want to delete, select Setting (Settings) in the upper right corner

quickly delete facebook fanpage

Step 2: In the Settings interface, scroll down to the bottom and select Remove page (Remove Page)

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Step 3: This time in the box Remove page (Remove Page) will appear the text Permanently deleted (Delete) with the name of the page you want to delete. Check this text to delete fanpage face.

scrub facebook page

Step 4: On the warning dialog box after you delete the page it will not be possible to restore that page. Press Erase (Delete Page) if you are sure you want to delete that page.

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2. Action to delete Facebook Fanpage on mobile phone

After referring to how to delete a Facebook Fanpage on a computer, you can also easily do it on your phone. However, in the process of implementation, if you have any problems, please immediately refer to the content of the instructions Here.
So you have completed deleting Facebook fanpage completely simple. Make sure that deleting your Facebook page is the right decision. If you delete a fb fanpage for some reason such as low interaction, difficulty in management, before deleting the page, try some features like create check-in for facebook fanpage to increase the number of interactions very effectively. Or you can live stream on facebook fanpage with many HOT events and games to attract users.

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