The Complex – A real-life fantasy game about to land on Mobile

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Released last March for console, PC and Switch, The Complex gives players the freedom to decide and explore the adventurous journey of a young doctor named Amy Tenant – one of the leading minds in nanotechnology. After a catastrophic bioweapon attack in London, Amy suddenly finds herself locked in a laboratory and unwittingly thrust into a series of uncontrollable conflicts.

Throughout the game, gamers will be interacting with the characters and depending on your choices, the relationship will progress in different directions, strengthening or weakening. Scores for relationships will be calculated from the beginning to the end of the game and will greatly affect the final outcome. Written by Emmy Award-winning writer Lynn Renee Maxcy and a member of The Handmaid’s Tale editorial team and starring Michelle Mylett as Amy, The Complex offers an incredibly cinematic experience. unique when giving players full control to decide the next episode of the movie.


Continuing to attack the mobile platform, The Complex is ambitious to reach more players. Instead of just watching everything happen according to a pre-built script, interacting with each frame by yourself is not a bad experience.. The Complex will release on December 3 for both iOS and Android.

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