Hearthstone gamers accuse Blizzard of being cunning about the Tavern Pass

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As previously announced, Blizzard there are changes in the reward system of Hearthstone in October. When this information was revealed, the game company reassured players that it would not cut to the amount of gold they earned through the game. Gold is used to buy card packs, join Arena, Heroic Tavern Brawls or unlock adventures. So it’s understandable that players – especially Free players – are worried about a cut in benefits.

Also in October, John Yang – Game designer shared that the game company did not take away any gold at all, but one of the goals when developing a new reward system is to bring players a lot of gold. , rewards and more decorations. “Whether you play 10 or 100 hours, you still deserve the reward for your time.”


Tavern Pass is being sold for $ 20 (about 480,000 VND). According to the publisher’s previous advertisement, when buying the Tavern Pass at any time during the season, you will also receive the legendary golden Silas Darkmoon card and all previous rewards up to the present of the new system. It also increases XP by up to 20% depending on the gameplay. Other rewards in the Tavern Pass include upgradeable hero skins (in three different tiers) for Warrior, Mage, and Shaman classes. However, advertising and reality are quite different.

YouTuber Dekkster delved into this in a video saying that Blizzard’s claims about the new rewards are completely false.

He said a lot of people have done the calculations and the results are proof that the player’s rights are not preserved, but still have to spend money to get experience rewards. Streamer J_Alexader_HS is also the mathematician mentioned above. In a compilation on Reddit he proved that in the process of earning 1500EXP/Day in 120 days playing Hearthstone, he earned 5000 less gold (equivalent to 50 card packs) compared to the old system.

Dekkster summed up the video saying that the new rewards system looks cool, the achievements system is cool too but the rewards they give to players are driving a lot of people away from this game – the complete opposite of their promise. appointment in October. “This is a free game but it’s too expensive, this needs to change.”

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