The blockbuster Marvel game confirmed the existence of Captain Marvel

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Despite possessing a huge resource universe, the Marvel’s Avengers game has only confirmed the appearance of a few superheroes. Recently, publisher Square Enix introduced another character in the game, that is Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel.

Ms Marvel derives her title from the name of Captain Marvel because she is a huge fan of this female superhero. Kamala Khan was discovered by players in Avengers gameplay thanks to a T-shirt with Captain Marvel’s image on it. So why hasn’t information about Captain Marvel been revealed yet? Does she appear in the game? sought answers from Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos, who said “you can understand it like this, Kamala can’t be a fan of someone who doesn’t exist.” Story curator Hannah McLeod later confirmed Carol Danvers was indeed part of the game. “Captain Marvel is still Kamala’s idol. That’s what she has in common with the players of this game. They both love superheroes.”

Everyone is wondering if Captain Marvel is a character played in Marvel’s Avengers – or will be added later. As mentioned above, Ms Marvel was spotted in gameplay in August, and the character’s information was officially confirmed earlier this month. It is possible that Carol Danvers will be the next character to be revealed.

Not only Captain Marvel, the superhero group Inhumans is also likely to appear in the game. Reddit user JppBrasilSP2019 posted a video from PAX Australia about an Avengers mission – which mentions “Agent Garza“, another Inhuman of the Marvel universe.

Ms. Marvel is also an Inhuman who received her powers from the Terrigen Mist at the end of A-Day – the beginning of Marvel’s Avengers. From the presence of two Inhumans on the same Terrigen fog in the game circuit, it can be seen that Marvel’s Avengers promises to bring a lot of details around the Inhumans and their role in the game.


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