Terrible places in real life appear in horror games

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Current horror game always brings intense attraction, magical attraction to anyone who craves to experience thrills and nerve challenges. But to impress the increasingly demanding player tastes, this game genre must always have new inspirations for themselves, allowing them to be creative and build their own ideas..and where to find inspiration. That inspiration is nothing but the world around us..

Therefore, video games do not have a few representatives set around real-life landmarks, places that even make people’s hairs crawl no less than virtual entertainment products out there…


Silent Hill

In the game, the name Silent Hill – “Silent Hill” refers to a small market in the United States, with the exact location changing over time. Sometimes it appears in Maine, sometimes it’s West Virginia or sometimes it’s murky Pennsylvania. that it holds the power to break reality and delve into the darkest things in the hearts of guests. appear throughout the length of the game: it is the peaceful Real World under the sun, the misty Mist World between the four mists, and above all the Otherworld haunted by rotten, dull houses, long corridors darkness inhabits monstrous monstrosities that attempt to take anyone’s life..​


In fact, the locations on which the series is based are all real. One of them is the house Gillespie (Gillespie House) with a sick past, inspired if not completely similar to Olson House located in Maine, USA. Meanwhile, the “silent hill” itself has the appearance of the town of Centralia from Pennsylvania, which was an abandoned “Ghost town” due to a fire that destroyed the mining mine right below the town. Centralia, with the pen of many writers, is described as the mortal being of hell, derived from the lonely and sketchy scene of this place.


Dragon Triangle

Although not a horror game series at all, but Tomb Raider One day I also find myself passing through one of the most terrifying landmarks in the Pacific Ocean, which is Yamatai Island. Although only mentioned in real life history books and is a controversial topic of many Japanese and world historians about the exact geographical location, the place where Yamatai is located is still believed by Lara Croft to be located inside the Dragon Triangle – an area 100 kilometers south of Tokyo. Dragon’s Triangle, also known as “Devil’s Triangle”, is an instance of the Bermunda Devil’s Triangle in Asia. Like its brother, the Dragon Triangle is famous for swallowing a series of planes and ships with many human lives without leaving any trace. Dragon’s Triangle is also the haunting place of the hit game Mobile Radiation Island with content revolving around ghosts, zombies and crazy experiments ..


The islands in this Dragon Triangle area are also the source of many strange stories, most notably the regulation of wearing a gas mask even while holding a wedding at Miyake Island. The reason for this regulation is that the island is within the radius of an active volcano, with the risk of emitting sulfur into the air.. But whatever the reason, these singularities still cause The Dragon Triangle became a terrifying place in real life that the virtual world relied on for a little bit of fame.​



Listed as one of the most famous dead zones of the 20th century, Chernobyl is associated with the nuclear disaster that took place in 1986 in Ukraine. With countless mysteries surrounding, Chernobyl has become the subject of countless games set in the setting, the most typical of which is the STALKER and STALKER series. Call of Duty famous..


Although the events at Chernobyl took place more than 30 years ago, the legacy still leaves an indelible mark on many generations of people. The huge amount of radiation has so far affected the flora and fauna, bringing about the effects of genetic modification both internally and externally. Many reports say that the species here started. showed a much larger size when compared to other areas, partly due to radiation, partly because the influence of human life has almost disappeared. From here strange events also began to appear, as many investigators and research teams still see the vague silhouettes of residents, doctors and even firefighters appearing in the areas. abandoned.. as if they were still working before the disaster. Many unconfirmed stories also say that workers who escaped death told of a huge bird that flew around the reactor as soon as it was destroyed, followed by nightmares and anonymous calls. .

Himuro Mansion

Japan has always been the birthplace of scary stories, and “Himuro mansion” is known as the most terrifying name of the land of Cherry Blossoms. Inspired by many games, typically the series Fatal Framethe Himuro mansion is a combination of the most bizarre of ancient legends and the modern world.


According to legend, Himuro’s exact location was right in the mountains on the outskirts of Tokyo. The mansion is inhabited by the Himuro family with the infamous “strangulation” ritual that takes place every 50 years. The purpose of the ritual is to seal the “evil energy” into the earth, which through a gate located at the mansion enters the mortal realm.. To prevent this, the owner of the mansion will choose a young woman from at birth and in solitary confinement throughout adulthood in order to avoid any “binding” to the human world. At the appointed time, the legs, neck and arms of the young woman will be tied with ropes to the horse… just like the form of punishment of “five horses and corpses” that appeared in ancient Chinese movies. After the body was dismembered, ropes soaked in blood were spread in front of the gate… and according to the Himuro clan, would prevent evil spirits from entering the world.​


However, the ritual soon ran into trouble when the young girl had a romantic relationship with a man, thereby breaking the whole “not tied to the physical world” rule of the sacrifice. The owner of the mansion as soon as he heard about it, took up a sword to kill all the family and commit suicide, with fear of harming the scene that would happen when the ritual was not completed. From here, the ghost of the entire Himuro family with the obsession of the past massacre, still tries to perform the ritual again with any guests who accidentally get lost here. Regardless of the relevance, mystery and strangeness, the above stories are still a strong inspiration for entertainment works, typically video games. They contribute to helping the community have thrilling experiences, moments of having to keep their eyes glued to the device screen, besides being curious about interesting details from life events and landmarks. true.​

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