Teamfight Tactics – How does rank-ranking work?

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Teamfight Tactics has been live on League of Legends servers for about three weeks now, giving players enough time to hone their skills. Now, with updated version 9.14, those skills can be demonstrated in the new Tactics Ranked mode.

In ranked mode, players can beat other similarly skilled players in Teamfight Tactics matches where you will earn or lose LP points after each match, the system will automatically calculate the points. for you depending on the rank obtained in the game.

What kind of rank does the first rank work?

What is the Truth Arena Rank?

Like in the usual League of Legends game, the rank mode (ranked) of the Teamfight Tactics earned will be divided into 9 levels with 4 floors. Those tiers are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Giant, and Challenger.

What is the rank of the first class? 2

How to increase the rank of Truth Arena?

You will still be leveled up by earning LP points in the Teamfight Tactics. You will start at the 4th floor and every 100 LP points, the player is promoted to the next (higher) rank. When climbing to the 1st floor, you will be promoted to the next level. Unfortunately, if you lose LP, your rank is automatically deducted and you downgrade. If you lose too much LP and go below zero, you will be demoted to the previous division. There are no support items for climbing the rank of Truth Arena.

How to earn Tactics Arena LP points?

The four highest ranked players in each game will receive LP points, while the bottom four losers will all receive penalties (minus LP points for 5-8th rank). That means winning isn’t everything in ranked mode. But the higher the ending achievement, the more LP points you will receive and the higher your rank will be. Therefore, winning in this game mode is very important, need to be careful.

Can play with friends?

Players can invite up to 5 friends if all are Gold rank or below, if anyone in the party is Platinum or above, you can invite up to 3 people. There is a limit on the ranks that are allowed to play together that Riot has created to limit the rank of rank when playing with.

What is the rank of the first class? 3

This graphic basically means that if you’re in Iron, Bronze, or Silver, you can play with players in those ranks and everyone else heading for Gold. If you’re Gold, you can play with players all the way to Platinum. If you are in Platinum, you can play against someone ranked Gold, Platinum or Diamond. If you’re on Diamond, you can play with anyone with a Platinum rank or higher. And if you’re in Master, Grandmasters or Challenger, you can play with anyone in those ranks or in Diamond.

To help you better understand Teamfight Tactics’ ranking mode, we’ve put together all the information about this new feature, giving you a better idea of ​​your climbing journey. . For more convenience for rank climbing, please refer to the Extremely strong lineup in the Arena of Truth We mentioned here, find yourself a suitable comp to rank Tactics Arena.
If you do not know how to match the truth arena, you are very easy to lose in your matches because if the opponent is an experienced person in the field of truth arena matching, there will be an optimal team of strength. best for you, then you won’t be able to win with a patchwork lineup.

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