Catalyst Black, the new hero shooter from the creator of Vainglory

Catalyst Black

Super Evil Megacorp has just announced Catalyst Black, the hero shooter from the creators of Vainglory. Catalyst Black takes Vainglory’s top-down gameplay, combines it with Overwatch’s hero-shooting mechanics, and adds some Destiny loot and loadouts to create this mobile title.

The game closest to Catalyst Black today is Supercell’s Brawl Stars, which has a more traditional MOBA gameplay. Catalyst Black is more expansive due to the amount of control you have over the character. Players can equip primary and secondary weapons, active skills, and passives.

You can also equip the character with a mask, which is considered the ultimate. Masks let you become a god, change the face of the crown and give the character new skills when activated. There are tons of masks to choose from, and you can customize their actives and passives.

With the game’s loadout system, you can completely create your own gameplay. This is a different change from the game Brawl Stars – the hero you choose will have its own playstyle. You can attack from a safe distance or close with a shotgun. Everything is completely up to the player.

As for the mode, we don’t know much, but it is known that the game will have a lot, designed to have 10 to 20 people confront each other in teams. Perhaps the most interesting point is that you can join and leave the game at any point of the game, allowing yourself free time to play.

Catalyst Black is currently in pre-alpha stage. The game will be developed cross-platform, similar to Vainglory. The game will be available on iOS, Android, PC and MAC. In the introduction trailer, Super Evil Megacorp said that the game will support touch, controller and keyboard and mouse.

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