TCL season 3: Some formations combine “extreme” but effective


Truth arena season 3 With recent updates giving gamers a lot of creative and almost unlimited gameplay. In this article, will synthesize a number of creative combinations to help players have more choices in the CCP.

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Some formations combine “extreme” but effective in the Arena of Truth season 3

Squad “Xerath Artillery”

In the recent update with the appearance of Janna has created an opportunity for the black cannon Xerath to unleash its full strength. Using the attack speed buff from Janna combined with the magic power-boosting system, you will have a Xerath artillery that every enemy must fear.

The generals include: Twisted Fate, Riven, Ahri, Zoe, Janna, Xerath, Viktor, Syndra.


A mysterious vanguard with Cassiopeia

The former mysterious vanguard was also very strong, but lacked in damage, the weaker the end of the game, especially when facing the clans that used magical powers. In the new update, Cassiopeia has solved this problem and you can completely use her as the main damage for the Pioneer – Mystery lineup. The Bard can also be used to help you level up faster and gain a Mystery buff.

The generals include: Nautilus, Jayce, Wukong, Modekaiser, Thresh, Cassiopeia, Lulu, Karma, Bard (can be used).


The Zed line-up looks for visitors

This is a gameplay quite dependent on chance when you need items Gold shovel to use Zed to earn customers. But once he had Zed’s hand in hand, it was a nightmare for the enemy. With the ability to continuously increase attacks combined with the enemy’s ability to steal damage, Zed will be extremely intimidating, especially for pure AD champions. Not to mention that Zed himself is a spy, jumping behind the enemy team and increasing attack speed. Imagine the discomfort when with just a few seconds of fighting, the enemy team’s main force had no damage at all.

The generals include: Shen, Riven, Master Yi, Zed, Ekko, Xayah.

Zed looks for a guest

I wish you success with the above lineups and see you in the next posts!

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