How to make weapons, equip armor for self-defense in Minecraft

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Minecraft world is extremely large, so many dangers are always stalking you every moment. To be able to survive, survive you need to learn how to defend yourself, to protect yourself safe from aggressive monsters. So how to defend? Please refer to the following articles of to understand better.

How to defend yourself in Minecraft?

Crafting weapons

To protect yourself from monsters in the game Minecraft, you need to equip a sword. Depending on the fabricated materials, swords with different durability are produced:

  • Wooden swords: Has a damage level of 5, will break after killing about 15 – 24 monsters.
  • Earn gold: Has a damage level of 5, will break after killing about 8-13 monsters.
  • Stone sword: Has a damage level of 6, will break after killing about 39 – 66 monsters.
  • Iron Sword: Has a damage level of 7, will break after killing about 87 to 138 monsters.
  • Diamond sword: Has a damage level of 8, will break after killing about 624-1015 monsters.

Sword in Minecraft

There are a number of monsters that can drop swords such as: Zombies drop iron swords, pig zombies drop gold swords, withered bones fall out stone swords. Iron swords or diamond swords can be purchased from the blacksmith in the village. Or you can craft your sword using the following formula:

  • 1 wooden stick.
  • 2 wood planks (2 cobblestones, 2 iron bars, 2 bullions, 2 diamonds).

Sword making

In addition, need to equip additional bows and arrows to destroy distant enemies, shields to block melee attacks. When you equip yourself with these 3 weapons, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry anymore!

Armed with armor

Next, need to equip armor to reduce damage when fighting monsters. You can craft different types of armor from different materials. Each type of armor will give a different number of armor: Leather armor will give 1.5 armor, yellow armor gives 2.5 armor, chain armor gives 2.5 armor, iron armor gives 3 armor, diamond vest gives 4 armor.

Materials to make armor include: Leather (Leather), Iron Ingot (Iron Ingot), Gold Bar (Gold Ingot) and Diamond Gem (Diamond Gem). You can also purchase Chainmail Armor from the villagers in the game.


Each part of the armor has its own effect, to make it is necessary to put the material in the corresponding boxes as follows:

  • Helmet: To protect the head, place material in boxes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.
  • Chestplate: To protect the body, place material in all boxes except box 2.
  • Legging pants: To protect the feet, place material in all boxes except boxes 5 and 8.
  • Armor (Boot): To protect the feet, place material in boxes 4, 7, 6 and 9.

Light up the night

As you know, monsters only like to live in the night, they do not multiply in bright areas. Therefore, you need to put torches here to light up, making the monsters not have a chance to live.

Light a torch in the night

To make the torch you need 1 wooden stick and 1 coal:

Making torches

Know how to distinguish Mob

In the game Minecraft has many types of Mob Different, each species has different characteristics. There are extremely gentle and friendly creatures, but there are very aggressive species. In order to survive, to keep yourself safe, you need to know how to tell them apart:

  • Gentle creatures: Will never attack, harm a player, no matter how painful you hit them. Typical examples are: Cow (Cow), Chicken (Chicken) and Sheep (Sheep).
  • Neutral creatures: Will not attack you unless you mess with them. Typical examples are zombie pig man (Zombie Pigmen) and Wolf (Wolf).
  • Black creature (Endermen): They become aggressive as soon as you look at them, it’s best to stay away from them.
  • Aggressive monsters: Will always attack you as soon as they see it. Typically: Bone (Skeleton), Zombies (Zombie), Explosive Creature (Creeper), Spider (Spider). However, they only appear at night or underground, so they need a little attention.

Hopefully the above article will help you protect yourself safely, against many dangers lurking, so that you can survive in the game Minecraft.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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