Taking the console to repair, the stupid gamer found his lost wedding ring

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Perhaps all of us have dropped, forgotten things somewhere and searched around without finding, then one fine day those items suddenly appeared in front of us. . The male gamer in the story below, too, once took his old console to repair, he suddenly found the wedding ring he thought was lost.


It is known that this Japanese male gamer is still using the old console Wii U of the house Nintendohowever recently the game console This has had a few problems. The Wii U has been discontinued for a long time, so the stores do not repair the warranty for this system anymore, he can’t find a new one, the only solution now is to send it to Nintendo for warranty.

Due to the outbreak of the disease, Nintendo’s warranty center was closed for many months, so this male gamer had to wait a long time to receive his console. However, what surprised him more was that Nintendo even sent back his wedding ring. Turns out it was his 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter who playfully inserted her parents’ wedding ring into the Wii U and caused it to malfunction.​


When checking the machine, Nintendo employees took the ring out and even cleaned it before sending it back to the owner. Because of his daughter’s hyperactivity, the male gamer had to pay 2639 yen (about 590,000 VND) to repair Nintendo, fortunately his wife was not angry about this.

Wii U is a console released by Nintendo at the end of 2012 after the success of the Wii, but contrary to initial expectations, the Wii U did not work effectively and was considered a failure of Nintendo. This console was almost discontinued in Japan less than 3 years later and officially “discontinued” in January 2017.​

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