Take a look at the game endings that make the player’s heart ache (P2)

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The Last of Us


What makes gamers heartbroken is not the end but the last half hour of The Last of Us. Everything turns to hell when you arrive at the hospital and learn of the impending death of Ellie, who is about to sacrifice herself to create a vaccine to save humanity. Having a close father-daughter relationship with Ellie, Joel could not accept this, he killed all the surgeons and Fireflies staff to save Ellie and also indirectly closed the door. the future of mankind. You can see Ellie’s trust in Joel is also broken in this moment. While not as tragic as some of the other characters on this list, it’s clearly not a happy ending.

Spec Ops: The Line


War never has a happy ending and that’s also what happened with Spec Ops: The Line. Dark and sad is all that one can think of when thinking about the ending of this game. The main character Walker has gone through a long journey to track down Konrad – the one who caused the terrible events in Dubai. However, in the end the player discovers that the real Konrad is long dead, Walker has created for himself this imaginary enemy to rationalize his murder.

Halo: Reach


The Halo series has always had good storylines that were otherwise emotionless, but that all changed with Halo: Reach. Players will fall into a dangerous and dramatic situation that ends with your own failure and death. The final scene of the game is the image of the player’s helmet alone in the middle of the lawn as a painful reminder of this character’s sacrifice.

Life is Strange


Life is Strange is one of the unexpected successes of the gaming industry in 2015 and is considered one of the games with the best storyline. Realizing that his actions have caused chaos in space and time, Max must make a fateful decision: Stay with Chloe and cause Arcadia Bay to collapse or sacrifice Chloe to restore the timeline and save the town. If you choose to sacrifice Chloe, the player will return to the meeting between Chloe and Nathan and witness her tragic death… In the end, Max chose to save Arcadia Bay, but it seems she also lost a part of her. myself.​

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