Tactics to play Crystal squad in TFT season 2

Teamfight Tactics season 2 with a lot of changes in Tribe and gameplay is being loved and appreciated by many League of Legends players. In season 2 of Teamfight Tactics a lot of new Tribes have been added with elemental themes, and Crystal is a new Race with extremely unique abilities.

Truth Arena season 2 With a lot of changes in race and system, giving players countless different strategies. Teamfight Tactics season 2 is also being evaluated by players as extremely balanced when there is not a squad that is too perfect and superior to other squads like season 1.

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Unique lineup of Teamfight Tactics season 2

Teamfight Tactics Crystal lineup season 2

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Crystals is a new system that appeared in season 2 of the Tactics League of Legends with an extremely unique ability: reducing damage taken from attacks to a certain number. With the effect of 2 Crystals, the crystal units only take a maximum of 100 damage per hit and the maximum amount of damage that must be received when the 4-crystal effect is enough is 60.

Instructions for playing Crystal squad

The Crystal line-up is a side-line when the effects of the Crystal Tribe are more suited to tanking. To maximize the power of the Crystal race, often we will pair this formation with different formations.

Poison Crystal Gunner lineup

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The Poison Crystal Gunner is a squad that combines 3 elements: strong resistance of Crystals, degrees uncomfortable of Poison and amount of damage from the Gunner. This formation will be completed in the mid-game with the main unit being Ashe and Twitter, two gunners have a huge amount of damage over time.

Crystal Water Mage Guardian Squad

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Magician being highly appreciated in the Arena of Truth season 2 when combined with Country, which helps this squad’s ability to launch skills increase very quickly and continuously. The Crystal squad will withstand extremely good damage, in addition, it also increases a large amount of armor from Guardians to help this squad have an extremely comprehensive defense.

Note when playing the Crystal lineup

Crystal is a sub-team that is more resistant to resistance and supports teammates, always placing Crystals with systems with large amounts of damage to create a complete squad. Tactics – TFT-mua-2-54094n.aspx
Above is a guide to playing the Crystal squad in the Arena of Truth season 2, see more instructions on how to play Teamfight Tactics Teamfight Season 2 for more options in the Teamfight Tactics League of Legends.

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