Synthesize weapons in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends game has a lot of weapons with different advantages used in many cases. In the following article, we will summarize the types of weapons in Apex Legends that are available today and brief information about them.

For newcomers to Apex Legends, getting acquainted with the Weapons in Apex Legends it’s not simple. There are many types of weapons with new names like Wingman, RE-45 or P2020 with Heavy – green bullets or Light – yellow bullets making it difficult for players to distinguish when picking up items. Hopefully, the following article about weapons in Apex Legends will partly add to your knowledge about weapons in Apex Legends.

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Synthesize weapons in Apex Legends

Synthesize weapons in Apex Legends

First we need to know that Apex Legends is divided into 6 weapons: Pistols, Shotguns, Sub Machine Guns, Asault Rifes, Light Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles. Let’s learn about 6 weapons in this Apex Legends with

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1. Types of Pistols in Apex Legends

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Wingman: Has very strong damage with 45 normal damage and 90 Headshot form. This is a very powerful pistol. Wingman’s weakness is that the magazine starts with only 6 rounds.

Re-45: An automatic pistol capable of firing very quickly with a starting point of 15 rounds. However, the damage is usually only 11 and 16 damage with Headshot.

P2020: A gun that shoots one by one, starting with 10 bullets for a band and slightly stronger damage than Re-45 is 12 normal damage and 18 damage Headshot.

2. Types of Shotguns in Apex Legends

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Mozambican: Mozambique are mini-shotguns shaped like a pistol and fire 3 shots with a single reload. Mozambique’s damage level is also average. There are not too many highlights in this gun.

Eva-8 Auto: A form of Shotguns that fires automatically with 8 consecutive shots for 63 normal damage and 90 headshot damage. Eva-8 Auto is chosen by many gamers for indoor defense because of its strength and flexibility.

Peacekeeper: Peacekeeper is the most used shotguns in Apex Legends, the strength of Peacekeeper is not only up to 110 and 165 damage when headshot but it is also the longest range shotguns available today. In addition, adding an Optic Precision Choke to the Peacekeeper will bring the ability to gather energy and deal double damage as usual.

Mastiff: Mastiffs are the most powerful shotguns in Apex Legends but are rarely used. Or to be more precise, rarely picked up to use, Mastiff belongs to the Legend Weapon type and can only be obtained from the “hearing” of the game. However, with damage up to 144 and 288 when Headshot is really strong.

3. Types of Sub-Machine Guns in Apex Legends

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Prowler: Prowler is a gun that reminds us of the “b33” in the previous Half life. Prowler’s firepower in Apex Legends is quite strong and starts with 20 tablets, which can be expanded with a huge Optic.

R-99: R-99 is the weapon with the fastest discharge, although the damage is weak, but because of its fast discharge nature, it is still considered a dangerous form in Apex Legends. However, for newbies, the R-99 is a difficult weapon to use because it is difficult to aim and then discharge quickly, so how can you kill the opponent.

Alternator: It can be seen as a modern Uzi with low damage, fast discharge rate and not high accuracy of the gun. For new players, using Alternator is not a good idea.

4. Light Machine Guns in Apex Legends

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M600 Spitfire: the advantage of the M600 Spitfire is that it has a bullet capacity of up to 35, which can be expanded, but the damage is only average with 20 and 40 when headtshot. Anyway, the M600 Spitfire is also used a lot by new players because it has a lot of bullets, helping to stay in battle for a long time.

Devotion LMG: Devotion LMG has a fast discharge rate, damage increases over time but a fatal weakness is that Devotion LMG is very difficult to be accurate at long range as well as Devotion LMG’s ammunition is rare.

5. Types of Assault Rifles in Apex Legends

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VK-47 Flatline: VK-47 Flatline is considered the best gun for newbies with decent damage, moderate recoil and also a popular AR in the game. VK-47 Flatline uses blue bullets with full equipable accessories.

Hemlok Burst AR: Hemlok Burst AR has high damage, long range and is used for many different purposes. The only weakness of Hemlok Burst AR is that there is no Auto shooting mode, but only Single or Burst (3 bullets at a time).

R-301 Carbine: The commonly used AR gun, uses gold bullets that are easy to find and can be found everywhere from the start. However, the disadvantage of guns using this type of ammunition is that the damage is not high.

6. Types of Sniper Rifles in Apex Legends

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G7 Scout: G7 Scout is a sniper rifle with the lowest damage but in return it has a fast rate of fire, the ability to fire continuously without interruption.

Triple Take: Triple Take uses gold bullets that are hard to find, but the damage is high despite the slow rate of fire.

Longbow DMR: Longbow DMR uses green bullets, has the same rate of fire as Triple Take. Longbow DMR’s damage is slightly higher than Triple Take’s and is easier to find.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper: Kraber .50-Cal Sniper is a legendary gun that is hard to find, with massive damage, 1 hit can always kill, making this equipment always a dream of Apex Legends players.

Above is a list of weapons in Apex Legends. With more than 20 weapons, not much for a survival game, but enough for Apex Legends players to use and create their own style. Don’t just play Apex Legendsis to choose the strongest gun, depending on the situation we can choose the type of gun that is suitable for the team’s tactics.
In addition to weapons, the character classes in Apex Legends are also something that players must care about when it is not simply characters with different genders, Classes in Apex Legends They all have their own skills and have different advantages when combined.

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