How to play Bangalore in Apex Legends

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Bangalore is a super-soldier woman with extremely powerful destructive ability in Bangalore, in the following article we will learn together about how to play Bangalore in Apex Legends, how to use Bangalore in Apex Legends most effectively. .

Bangalore is the attacking character class in Bangalore, a super soldier with extremely strong attack in Bangalore that can be applied to all tactics and includes the ability to support teammates extremely well. Way play Bangalore in Apex Legends It’s not difficult, just a few notes on how to use skills that players can play Bangalore in Apex Legends fluently. This is also a class that is picked a lot like Wraith or Bloodhound.

how to play bangalore in apex legends

How to play Bangalore in Apex Legends

How to play Bangalore in Apex Legends

There are 3 attacking characters in Apex Legends namely Bangalore, Mirage and Warith, Bangalore is considered the most balanced, easier to play than the other 2 characters. Not only possessing a convenient skill set for public affairs, but Bangalore is also suitable in defending, supporting teammates or even rescues. If the team has Bangalore and Lifeline, then surely the team’s support will be very good. Bangalore can be combined with many characters in the team.

how to play bangalore in apex legends 2

Bangalore’s skills in Apex Legends

– Passive skill – Double Time

how to play bangalore in apex legends 3

Double Time is a skill that is activated when Bangalore is hit by someone, Double Time gives Bangalore the ability to move much faster than normal. Help Bangalore escape from enemies in a short time. Actually Bangalore players in Apex Legends apply this skill in case of chasing enemies. If you encounter Bangalore and don’t want to attack, then run fast and stand trying to shoot Bangalore because this skill will be activated immediately.

– Normal skill – Smoke Launcher

Shortcuts to use: Q . key (default).

how to play bangalore in apex legends 4

Bangalore will fire a smoke grenade that covers a certain area, Bangalore is equipped with 2 smoke grenades from the start and can be restored over time. Smoke Luancher is the skill that makes Bangalore’s trademark, this is a skill that has many uses when it comes to both defending when an enemy enters and also attacking when you enter an enemy. Please rest assured that No one can see anyone in the smoke but you.This is a big advantage for Bangalore to attack enemies as well as revive teammates in case of collapse.

– Ultimate Skill – Rolling Thunder

Shortcuts to use: Z key (default).

how to play bangalore in apex legends 5

Rolling Thunder is the skill with the widest area damage as well as the Ultimate skill capable of dealing damage to the opponent. Basically Bangalore will call down dozens of rockets and deal damage to the specified area, if the enemy is in that area, it will definitely be on the countdown board and Rolling Thunder is often used to solve total teamfights in the game. Apex Legends.

Notes when playing Bangalore in Apex Legends

– Double Time skill can be activated continuously, as long as Bangalore is hit by bullets.
– New skill Smoke Luancher will be used 2 times and need time to cool down, each time will get 1 fruit and maximum 2 fruit.
– Use Smoke Luancher to rescue teammates when surrounded or attacked.
– Use Smoke Luancher when there are teammates that need to revive or you need to use blood and armor yourself.
– When successfully defeating an enemy, use Smoke Luancher before looting.
– After using Rolling Thunder, it takes a few seconds for the rocket to crash into the area you specified. However, it is also very difficult to escape this skill.
– Rolling Thunder can deal damage to the user himself, of course the damage received is not high.
– Rolling Thunder has no effect on indoor areas, in caves. Rolling Thunder will still summon rockets, but will not be able to penetrate terrain.

Above are the notes as well as how to play Bangalore in Apex Legends for newbies to understand and use Bangalore effectively, you can also check it out. How to play Wraith in Apex Legends here.

For those who are new to Apex Legends, the way to better integrate into the game as well as play Bangalore in Apex Legends better is to learn guns that are easy to play for new players, with different types of guns. Guns in Apex Legends The following easy-to-play article will definitely be a reference article that you cannot ignore.
Also, don’t forget the shortcuts in Apex Legends, the shortcuts in Apex Legends will help players save time as well as optimize the game to suit the way they play.

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