Synthesize the answers of Ninja Activities in the Adventure Leaf Village

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One of the activities of Hidden Leaf Village that attracts many gamers is the Ninja Knowledge Activity, in which players will have to answer a number of questions related to all the most common issues such as sports, movies, animals …

If you join and answer all the questions of NPC correctly, you will receive very valuable rewards, to save your time when participating in the Patient Knowledge Activity, has compiled. A few common answers below this article, please refer to the correct answer when participating in this activity.

Refer to the article How to download and install Leaf Village Adventure Ky on your computer to install this game.

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Synthesize answers to Ninja Knowledge Activity in La Phieu Luu Ky Village

How to participate in the Ninja Knowledge Activity

First of all, we need to know how the Ninja Knowledge Activity in the Adventure Village takes place, here’s how and how to participate for gamers who don’t know yet.

  • Time: Take place within 45 minutes, from 6 pm to 6:45 pm daily, once a day only.
  • Participants: All characters in the game Hidden Leaf Adventure.
  • Active content: NPC Senju Tsunade will ask questions for players to answer in the Ninja Knowledge Activity.

At the start of the Knowledge of the Rings activity, the player will receive a message on the screen, so gamers quickly find NPC Senju Tsunade at school Konoha Gakuen. Then players will have to answer all 30 questions in many different topics and fields, the answer will be multiple choice. If you answer correctly then you will be rewarded with NPC Ginkaku (Benefit).

Leaf Village PLK

Commonly achieved sections will include:

  • 2 command post Hokage Shoes
  • 2 level 5 stones
  • 2 transfer points needed
  • 5 points of dedication to the Family Tribe
  • 10 points Hokage Shoes
  • 20,000 silver lock

Tips when participating in the Ninja Knowledge activity is that a lot of characters will gather around NPC Senju Tsunade, so it will be very crowded, at that time you will be difficult to have a dialogue with NPC, so choose the arrow Extend functionality > select Setting > select Configuration > Activate hidden other players.

Leaf Village PLK

In addition, after selecting NPC Senju Tsunade for dialogue, you should limit clicking to another position, if you want to answer the question, just click Normal attack symbol in order to avoid losing track of NPC Senju Tsunade dialogue.

Answers to the questions of False Knowledge Activity

In order to help gamers shorten the working time of Ninja’s knowledge, I have gathered the answers of some questions that NPC Senju Tsunade asked. There are “serious” questions, and also trick questions

What state does the character enter when fighting will not gain PK points?

The captain of the Bayern Munich club?

What fish shed yellow leaves in the dew season?

Which item of the character is the ranking of players based on?

How will it be poisoned?

  • Every half second reduces HP

Where is not a tuber?

What’s the name of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?

Golden palm branch is the highest award for any film festival?

What animal goes farthest?

In dogs, where are the sweat glands concentrated?

Which NPC to meet to receive bonus every day?

Use what sweep the cleanest house?

What cake should mean early noon couple?

What does she eat in the house with white rice?

What is a step that does not pass?

What flower is Hoa Po Lang also called?

How many episodes is the movie Full House?

Above are some questions in the Ninja Knowledge Activity, we will update more questions in the future to assist you in the Ninja Knowledge Activity.

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