How to install and play Run & Gun: Banditos on PC

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Run & Gun: Banditos is a game that combines endless running games and shooters with fast and attractive gameplay.

This action game is available for Windows, but in today’s tutorial, will show you one more way to play Run & Gun: Banditos on your computer through Android emulator.

Run & Gun: Banditos for iOS Run & Gun: Banditos for Android

For many people, installing additional software and PC games often makes them uncomfortable, but if you already have an Android emulator, you can install and play Run & Gun: Banditos Mobile version on the computer through these emulators to save space and also more convenient.

Step 1: You start your computer emulator up, as in this article, we will use NoxPlayer. Choose to enter Tools / Play Store.

Computer emulator
Computer emulator

Step 2: The interface of CH Play appears, enter the game name “Run & Gun: Banditos“go to the search bar and press Enter.

Search for games in Play Store
Search for games in Play Store

Step 3: Click the left mouse button on the game displayed in the list of results.

Select the game to install
Select the game to install

Step 4: Click select Install / Accept to start downloading Run & Gun: Banditos for PC.

Click Install / Accept
Click Install / Accept

Step 5: Wait a few minutes for the game to finish downloading, then click on Open to launch and play Run & Gun: Banditos right on the computer.

Click Open
Click Open

How to play Run & Gun: Banditos on an emulator

However, before we play, we need to proceed update Google Play Games to the latest version as required by the game.

Update Google Play Games
Update Google Play Games

After you’re done, turn off the game and restart. At this point, the main interface of Run & Gun: Banditos will look like below. Left click Accept to accept the request, then select Next Start.

Select AcceptClick Start

The tables in Run & Gun: Banditos will appear one after another, but players must pass the previous card to continue unlocking the next level. Each game will also require gamers to fulfill and complete certain conditions to pass the cards.

Select the screen to play Run & Gun: BanditosConditions of the game Run & Gun: Banditos
Each level in Run & Gun: Banditos has its own conditions

We only have one play per level, so it is important to pay attention. To be able to move the character:

  • Tap the screen and swipe left / right: Jump left or right
  • Click on opponents to shoot and destroy them

Swipe to move the character in Run & Gun: BanditosCollect gold in Run & Gun: BanditosAttack the enemy in Run & Gun: Banditos
Players need to fulfill the condition and survive to pass the cards

Video instructions for installing and playing Run & Gun: Banditos by computer

One small disadvantage is that if you both use the mouse to move, to attack, and to watch to dodge and try to collect items, then surely the game will be affected. Therefore, you can adjust to play Run & Gun: Banditos with the keyboard.

How to play Run & Gun: Banditos using the keyboard

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