Synthesize all Braindom answers – Extreme brain hacking puzzle game


Braindom is an extremely interesting brain hacking game for those who love reasoning, logic and creativity such as Brain out, Brain test, Find out … In this article, will provide for You all the answers of Braindom, help “solve” for players. But you should not depend too much on these answers, but think for yourself and try to find the answers.


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Synthesize all Braindom answers – Extreme brain hacking puzzle game

Answers from 1 – 50

1. Which belt is highest – Which belt is on the top is the highest

2. Save the withered flower – Move the withered flower pot to a sunny place

3. Puzzle – There are only 4 puzzles, please try them all.

4. Who is lying – Answer A

5. Vote 5 stars is fine

6. What’s he saying – I Love You

7. Find the rooster – Click on the rooster in the lower right corner

8. Find hidden objects as shown below.

Question 8

9. He lost his phone in the room. Help him find it right away – Turn the pillow over

10. Which cup has more water – Take out all of the contents of the water cup and click which cup has the most water

11. Pair emoji with the word iPhone – Pair eyes with the phone

12. Hunting vampires – Turn off the light switch on the right side

13. Who is lying – Click on the girl in purple to show her identity, then select B

14. Which logo is fake – Logo of Twitter

15. Help me wake up the cat to take it for a walk – Tap the cat with two fingers and swipe back and forth to wake it up.

16. Now let’s spin the wheel – Turn the wheel once.

17. Any of these items is not required – Toothpaste tube

18. Touch the animal in this order (Camel – Duck – Flamingos – Zebras – Jaguars – Iguana) – Just touch in order but after Zebra touch the Bear, then that touches the Iguana.

19 Find hidden objects as shown below.

Question 19

20. Help the boy jump over the cliff – Get out the boulder on the other side, then give the baby milk to drink and press Jump.

21. How many nasty face icons – 5 in all

22. How many balls are below – There are 4 balls remaining 2 bubbles

23. Prepare strawberry milk – Throw 3 strawberries into the blender and press the blender button.

24. Which way is safe – Touch the brown cave outside the 4 pictures.

25. Catch the thief – Move the car on the left and drag the two thieves to the police in the lower left corner. Do the same with the two thieves in the car on the right.

26. Which door will you choose – Choose door number 1 of Antarctica

27. Find hidden objects as shown below.

Question 27

28. Find all the green balls and count them – Mixing the blue balls with the yellow color will produce the remaining green balls. There are a total of 4 results.

29. Find Shark – Select the shark from the top right

30. Comfort it from crying – Tap a few times on the window to let it open, then remove the cage from the bird.

31. Which logo is the standard – Apple logo is sure to know, right

32. How many tails on the screen – There are 6 in total

33. Put wallet in your pocket – Zoom out the wallet to make it smaller than the bag and it will automatically get in.

34. Find the twins – These two butterflies have blue and red wings.

35. This is my library. Help me buy movie tickets. – Smash the saved pigs to get money

36. Find a whale – On the blond hair of the girl posing for that photo.

37. Delivery to the driver to fall asleep – Touch the glass door a few times, the glass door opens down, you can swipe the plate of food for the driver.

38. There was only one full bottle of water, besides that it was all empty. Look for a full water bottle – Put all 3 bottles of water in the fridge and you will immediately see which one is full of water.

39. Who is lying – Touch the mother answer A

40. I want to get back half of the cherries – Draw a missing side circle.

41. Find hidden objects as shown below.

Question 41

42. Pair emoticons with the word Sunglasses – Touch the sun then select the glasses.

43. You can thin the trash can – Click Start> put trash in the machine then click Start

44. Who’s the vampire – Put the garlic bulb on the table on the husband, then touch him.

45. Tear two pieces of toilet paper – Pull down the paper and tear them apart

46. ​​Save the cat from the dog – Zoom in on the cat

47. Relax and Join – Click on the 2nd image from left.

48. How many gray pieces are there – Place the black piece between the joins of the two squares and choose 6 pieces.

49. Jigsaw puzzles – Not too difficult, this sentence you can solve by yourself.

50. Help the farmer to harvest the strawberries! – Shake the phone to let the strawberry fall.

Answers from 51 – 100

51. Touch the hidden heart as shown below.

Question 51

52. Touch objects in the correct order. (Turtle – Whale – Seahorse – Saberfish – Crab – Jellyfish – Starfish) – Touch in the correct order the animals are.

53. Retrieving cheese from trap – Hold the hook with one finger, then remove the cheese from its position.

54. (12 + 6-5×3) x (2×2 + 1-7 + 2) =? – The answer is 0

55. Who would you save first – Save the baby first, the dog can swim and the money can be earned.

56. Apple + Tomato = 5, Eggplant + Apple = 6, Tomato + Eggplant = 7, Ask Apples =? – The answer is 2

57. A lost wheel, find a replacement – Put the 3 bars on the top left corner in the position of the wheel.

58. Help him lift weights – Turn your phone upside down

59. Match emoticons with the word Iron Man – Iron Man + Human face.

60. Help me sift these groups – Touching them with your finger many times is fine

61. Find the deer – Touch the animal in the bottom left.

62. Which logo is fake – Facebook logo is fake

63. Please help me clean up the poison completely – Put 3 poison bottles in the trash, put the word “poison” in as well.

64. It’s raining but her shadow will look like shade in the sun – Just touch one of the 4 answers below.

65. Which logo is standard – Choose one of four logos in there

66. Finding Pizza – Touch the father’s shirt

67. Puzzle – Another is to put 2 of the 4 pictures below on the big one.).

68. Make sure the name is on the envelope – Swipe left to right on the envelope so it flips to the front. Then drag the pen into the naming section.

69. Let’s help her sleep – Hold your finger in the window for a few seconds.

70. How many squares have the same color as square A – Move your finger on cell A, you will see another A. Put this A across the board, you will see a total of 4 identical tiles.

71. This old building needs demolition – Shake your phone.

72. Find fish – Click on the fish in the lower left corner.

73. Can you spot the mistake? – Touching on a spot word is fine

74. Save him from worrying, because everything will be all right – Take the disc from the wall and put it in the player.

75. How many wheels – 15 ones, including the word Wheels on the title

76. Which one has 6 circles in it – Tap on the figure 8, go to the question with 4 circles touching number 4, there are 2 circles touching number 2.

77. Choose from lowest to highest – Choose from bottom to best

78. Find F – Touch the letter F right on the question title.

79. Who is telling the truth? Touch that name – Touch the guy, the phone pops up with two messages, you touch both Lucy and Jennifer.

80. The monkey is very hungry. Help – Touch the banana booth above the tree repeatedly.

81. Find errors – The number 7 is rewritten. Click it and you’re done.

82. There is no 4-leaf grass in the picture – The answer is 0.

83. Press the light bulb switch to turn off the light, the vampire will appear with red eyes!

84. Draw one more missing leg for the chair.

85. Find 2 twin eggs as shown below.

Twin eggs

86. Very simple, drag the gift box at the bottom of the screen onto the little girl.

87. Drag the word green into the white circle.

88. Human figure + coffin.

89. Click on the fade cube as shown below.

Find the cheese

90. Drag the word law in the box in the book.

91. Give the little girl the cake to become giant and get the key.

92. Similarly, give medicine to your baby and go through the door.

93. Connect the keys as shown below.

Connect the key

94. Select the keys respectively as shown below.

Choose the key

95. Hold down and reduce the key like you would an image.

96. Draw an extra arc to form a complete hamburger.

97. Drag 2 balls to the bottom left to form number 1.

98. Shrink the screen to see the biggest star.

99. Connect as shown below.

Join pictures

100. Pull the number 100 on the battery image on the phone screen.

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