How to enter code and receive giftcode Fifa Online 4

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Fifa Online 4 is a very attractive football management game on PC and is quite popular with many people. In this article, will guide you how to enter the code and receive the code of Fifa Online 4, helping you to win many valuable gifts in the game.

How to enter code and receive giftcode Fifa Online 4

How to enter code Fifa Online 4

First, you visit the page:

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In the window that appears, enter your code in the box ENTER YOUR CODE HERE then press the confirm button. Immediately, you will be redirected to the Garena login page. Now type your name and your Garena account to login.

Log in to Garena

If login successfully, you will receive gifts in giftcode. The job right now is just enter the game and receive the reward.

How to get Fifa Online code 4

There are some basic ways for you to get a Giftcode in Fifa Online 4 as follows:

  • Get the code by following the message board on the game homepage at: This is where the publisher offers incentives and of course there will be events to donate code for gamers.
  • Get the code by following the Fifa Online 4 Fanpage: Fifa Online 4’s Facebook fan page is a place where activities and events regularly take place to help players receive gifts, receive promotions and of course, giftcode. Please pay attention to not miss.
  • Get the code by joining the Fifa Online 4 VN group: This is the official activity group of Fifa Online’s favorite community 4. In addition to being able to receive giftcode from the group’s admin, you can also learn a lot from other players as well as exchange and make friends .
  • Get the code through some Internet service provider stores. With its coverage and popularity, there are many net shops, game houses … contracted to provide special services for FIFA Online 4. This means that these places will be home. Issuing incentives and giving lots of giftcodes through events. If you are lucky, you will also receive free codes when you play at these locations.

Wish you all receive more FIFA Online 4 giftcode!

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