Survival tips in Rage 2

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Survival shooter RAGE 2 is one of the top shooting games on PC, if you are intending to learn about the game, please refer to the survival tips of the RAGE 2 game that Taimienphi collected in the past. past time.

Rage 2 has a shorter plot content than other casual shooters on PC, but that doesn’t mean the game loses its inherent appeal. To unlock the next storyline you need to complete the previous mission and follow some of the following tips to get through them all.

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Rage 2 – Survival shooting game in an open world on PC

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Survival tips in Rage 2

1. Means of transportation

There are 12 main types of vehicles that appear randomly on the map in Rage 2 and 5 types that players have to do missions, unlock the story to get (Phoenix, Raptor, Icarus, ChazCar, Xerxes). Vehicles help you move on any terrain or fly at high speed and are very flexible, in addition, players can upgrade more weapons or armor to increase combat power.

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2. Move around on the map

The majority of players in Rage 2 travel using a variety of vehicles, but you’ll miss out on a lot if you don’t open the map. Move into deserted areas or strange terrain on the map, sometimes you will come across an Ark or something very interesting. Enjoy the game’s beautiful and varied open world before you end it.

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3. Sword Ark

As mentioned above, Rage 2 has a short story, so most of the time you play you go on side quests, so focus on hunting the Ark in the game. Finding the Ark will give players a lot of items such as weapons, skills … making the game more attractive than ever. There are a total of 14 Arks in Rage 2, some of which the player must open by following the game’s core instructions.

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Their locations are scattered on the map and waiting for players to discover. Where Ark is located is usually in remote locations or in a small valley. Players just have to destroy all the monsters around and step to own them, that’s as simple as that.

4. The damage is greater than all

Players can upgrade the damage, health … and other stats by moving to Wellspring to meet NPC The Cyber ​​Dog, if you accidentally add the wrong one, you can spend 500 USD to erase points.

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The only way to survive is that you have to fight, so don’t worry about your blood loss but worry about destroying all the enemies, you will pick up blood everywhere in the game after killing them. Remember, each time you upgrade your damage will be increased by 5% and please work hard to push the damage of the weapon used as high as possible.
Above are some instructions on how to survive in our Rage 2, helping players have a more convenient, breathing experience when participating in a survival game. Currently, the game Rage 2 has just been released, so the game does not require quite a high configuration, players can refer to it. Rage 2 game configuration for Windows in previous articles of Taimienphi, to know more about the game.

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