Block Wifi users with Fing

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If you are playing a game or relaxing with a good movie but feel that the Wifi speed suddenly slows down, you can apply the following Taimienphi instructions to check and block Wifi users with Fing Network Scanner on your phone. phone.

Information technology develops and mobile users also increase, along with widely used Wifi hotspots. However, many times you will feel that your Wifi level is poor because many people use it or someone is using your Wifi. That’s why today Taimienphi will guide you how to block Wifi with Fing with just a few simple steps. Please follow along

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Block Wifi with Fing on Android and iOS phones

Instructions on how to block Wifi users with Fing

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Fing on your device and then open the application.

=> Link to download Fing for Android
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=> Link to download Fing for iPhone
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Step 2: With an easy-to-use interface, after opening the application, it will scan and display all connected devices.

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To view the details of each device, simply select the device name. After you have identified the device to be blocked, save and remember the MAC address of that device.

Step 3: To block, use a web browser on your computer to access the Wifi modem using the address “” and login information Username/Password.

Explore more How to login wifi modem We have instructed in the previous article to be able to easily access the Wifi modem and change the configuration.

Step 4: At the Router’s interface, you choose in turn Wireless >Wireless MAC Filtering > tap Enable to enable blocking by MAC address then select Add New

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Step 5: Here, you enter the MAC address information in the box MAC Addressin description You can leave it blank or fill in the blocked device name for easy management and finally the Status you chooseavailable. Press Save to save the device blocking progress and Reboot the Router to check the results again.

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To unblock contacts, just go back to the above operations and click Delete in the list of blocked devices.

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So here Taimienphi has guided you How to block Wifi users by Fing combined with the configuration in the Wifi Router. This is a useful feature to help parents manage their children well during daily phone use.

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