Surprised by the beauty of the “pink balls” who landed in the Miss PUBG Mobile beauty race

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Miss contest is organized by PUBG Mobile was officially broadcast on August 5, 2018 and is an event that receives the attention of a large number of players in this community. It was thought that for a fierce survival game like PUBG, which is mainly for the “brothers”, but no, through this competition we can see the overcrowding and danger. danger of female gamers. It seems that they have been hiding for so long just waiting for the opportunity to shine.


Immediately after it was announced, a series of contest entries from contestants from all over the country were sent, even including the participation of many hot girls whose beauty was judged as “not the type of girl”. just fine”.

Full name: Nguyen Kim Ngan
Date of birth: 4/1/2001
Ingame name : SEAL・NânPu
Quote: Spending all my youth running bo


Full name: Nguyen Thi Ngoc anh
Date of birth: 1/2/2001
Ingame name: Vianh2001
Quote: Too good, pubg game gives me a pretty interesting feeling


Full name: Ho Thi Thuy Trang
Date of birth: November 18, 1995
Ingame name: TrangJapan
Quote: I don’t need Win, I just need to run around the world with you

Full name: Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu
Year of birth: 18/07/1996
Ingame: LunyQuynhNhu
Quote: not afraid of enemies who shoot well, only afraid of teammates who are as stupid as cows

Full name: Mai Thuy Duong

Date of birth: August 20, 1991
Name in game: WムG丶BERRY
Quote: You are a rose with thorns, not a beautiful wall, but only to behold! Just hold my hand, I will clear pecado with you

Full name: Duong Quynh Van

Date of birth: April 11, 1993
Ingame name: QuynhVan

Quote: I’m not afraid I’m stupid, I’m just afraid that the guy carrying me is stupid


Full name: Dong Huong Ngoc
Date of birth: December 31, 1998
Ingame name: Chelly98
Quote: I’m not good at playing but I like to be in the top

Full name: Dang Kim Ngan

Date of birth: November 29, 1996
Ingame name with ID: Cuu Ho
Quote: I’m hearing, sipping to eat hearing is to die like a game.


Full name: Nguyen Thuy My Trang
Date of birth: November 5, 1996
IG Name: Jerry Trang
Quote: Just keep running, I’ll take care of everything

Full Name: Nguyen Ngoc Bao Tran

Date of birth: September 27, 1998
Ingame : minitinyger
Quote: If you can’t be the best shooter, you’ll be the biggest dumbbell

Just like other Miss contests, Miss PUBG Mobile is a contest to find the face representing the talent and beauty of thousands of female gamers participating in this community. Officially kicked off from August 5 to August 12, 2018 with countless valuable prizes.

FIRST PRIZE: PUBG Mobile FLOWER title and 1 set of ingame gifts worth 5000 UC
THE SECOND PRIZE: The title of PUBG Mobile MISS KHAI with 1 set of ingame gifts worth 4000 UC
THE THIRD PRIZE: PUBG Mobile STYLE MISS title and 1 ingame gift set worth 3000 UC

The method of judging the prize is based on the votes of the audience through likes and shares. Particularly, the talent prize will be for the contest with the best quote voted by the organizers.

What are you waiting for, quickly register to participate in this 1-0-2 contest for a chance to shine and win valuable rewards!

Join the exchange, discuss with PUBG Mobile community at the group:

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