Good tips to use Gmail more effectively on Laptop, PC

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Gmail is Google’s email service that provides completely free to users with useful and constantly improving features. In the following article, will share with you some good tips to use Gmail more effectively on Laptop and PC.

Gmail is Google’s email service that is quite familiar to users, just sign up for gmail and you will have a gmail account to send and receive emails. This is an email service provided for free but with high security, intuitive interface that is quite easy to use. You can refer to the tips or use Gmail more effectively below to apply when needed.

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Great tips to use Gmail more effectively

1. Gmail Search

Gmail is a product of Google – the number 1 search engine today, so it also has specialized search functions: First of all, you need gmail loginthen to Search for phrases, you type in the search box to find messages or use the structure to search more efficiently:

– From:[email protected]: Find all Emails sent from this Email address
– Is:unread: Show All Unread Emails
– Has:attachment: Show Emails with attachments
– In:sent abc: Show all Emails containing the word abc in the sent folder

Or use a combination of these structures together:

From:[email protected] has:attachment Will find attachments sent from this Email

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2. Use keyboard shortcuts

When users log in to gmail, you can use the following shortcuts to work faster

– Press n or p: Switch back and forth between the conversations in which, to the line of dialogue you want to see, press Enter.
– Ctrl + Enter: Send email
– Ctrl + Shift + C: Point to CC box to add Email recipients
– You enter Settingstick Keyboard Shortcuts on to activate and use the following keyboard shortcuts:
+ OLD: Compose New Email
+ EASY: Compose Email in new tab
+ / : Place the cursor in the search box
+ S: Special Mark for Selected Email
+”+” : Mark important for Email

Shortcuts in gmail help you make mails and test send faster

3. Use the tabbed interface in Gmail

Gmail has been integrated allowing you to use a tabbed interface in your inbox including the following tabs: Primary (Importance); Social (Social Network); Promotions (Advertisement); Forum (forum) corresponding to the Emails sent to. You can also customize these tabs in Settings.

For example: Emails sent from social networks Facebook, Twitter are included in the Social tab, …

4. Use the “quick action” button

Quick Action button helps you to work faster when you want to see details of online orders, … by clicking View Order or click Track Package to see if the orders have arrived. In addition, you can use it to rate the restaurant you have been to, change the order information placed, …

quick action to login to gmail

5. Organize Email as you like

Normally, Emails in Gmail will be sorted in order of priority by time, the most recently sent Emails will be at the top. You can change this arrangement by on the login interface on your Laptop, go to Settings –>Inbox. Then click on the drop-down arrow in the inbox type and choose one of 4 ways to arrange

– Important First: Sort by priority or importance of the message
– Unread First: Sort by unread messages
– Starred First: Sort by starred messages
– Priority Inbox: Sort by messages in inbox

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Above, has shared with you good tips to use Gmail more effectively, through this you will have more experience to use Gmail more easily and conveniently than before. This guide we perform on computers, laptops; you can also perform these operations on phones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, HTC, Sony, … However, each phone line has a slightly different interface, especially the iPhone line.
In addition, users can refer to the summary of Great tips to help you operate your computer faster has been synthesized by to help you master your computer and laptop effectively

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