How has GTA changed over the past 2 decades? (P2)

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 9.6/10

Usually, for a game where the developer tries to let the player do a million different things, it will be a “mixed hot pot” and there is no real highlight. GTA: San Andreas is a game that has tried to give gamers the freedom to do a million things they want, but in those millions of things, all of them have reached the level of almost standard.


Even this is a game GTA The first has more to do than any previous product. That’s why GTA: San Andreas has become a game that has left the strongest impression on players since then. The storyline is still great, the dialogue is easy to understand, the voice acting is interesting, the graphics are impressive at the time of launch, the sound is excellent combined with an extremely diverse gameplay that makes GTA: San Andreas one of the best. GTA games that gamers cannot ignore.


Grand Theft Auto: Advance – 6.5/10

GTA: Advance is a version born for the Gameboy: Advance platform, a game that basically has gameplay from GTA1, adds some GTA III conventions but has a rather “dull” storyline. A game with unimpressive graphics because Gameboy: Advance was never a highly appreciated device in this respect as well as possessing an illogical gameplay that made this game one of the disasters of the series. this hit game.


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – 8.6/10

GTA: Liberty City Stories is a special version when bringing the GTA experience you’ve ever seen on PC/Console platforms onto a handheld gaming device – PSP. Until now, GTA: Liberty City Stories is still the best game on this platform. Of course, it would be unreasonable to expect that this game will maintain the success of its predecessors, but in terms of commercial, GTA: Liberty City Stories still has its own achievements. A special and even more successful GTA game on the once-popular PSP platform.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Story

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is a continuation of what GTA: Liberty City Stories told. However, this game is like a missed step and cannot create the success what GTA: Liberty Citi Stories did on the PSP platform.


Grand Theft Auto IV – 10/10

In case you haven’t experienced it yet GTA IV then this is a game that you cannot miss. Remember, GTA IV is a must-play game. A game with a single-player mode that you can continue to play even after the storyline is over. Is a GTA game from before until this product was released. Even the game’s Multiplayer mode is well developed so that gamers don’t have trouble finding other players. This is a GTA game that can make you go from surprise to surprise because there are so many things you can do in Liberty City. There are no more beautiful words to say, because GTA IV has gone down in history with what can be done.


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