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Even though it’s just one free games play directly on the web platform but League of Angels II is an RPG game that is highly appreciated both in terms of graphics quality and content. In the latest update, the game of Yoozoo Games has added a Battle Royale game mode that supports 20 players, called “Isle of Doom”. The first season started on December 8.


The plot takes the player to the Isle of Doom, an island whose real name is Allarac. It was originally a beautiful place with ancient temples, strange creatures, and the capital of a bustling port city. Suddenly one day a black fog appeared and swallowed the entire island. The ships that entered the mist never returned. No one has the guts to enter the hidden truth. No one knows what fate has befallen the island or its inhabitants, only a rumor that the land has been cursed and turned into an apocalyptic island. Now the angels are sending out their strongest warriors to uncover the truth behind this tragedy.


More specifically, Isle of Doom will connect gamers from all available servers, each season starts on the 8th of every month and lasts 20 days. Every day gamers can attend the event between 2 – 10 am and 2 – 10 pm (North America time). Players can line up for themselves or line up in pairs, each battle lasts 10 minutes with 20 players participating.

When the event begins, all players are teleported to a separate area, having 30 seconds to prepare before being cornered into combat in a tight area. At the 5th minute, a Cursed Mist will appear around the battlefield. Any character that stays in the fog for 10 seconds will lose their life.

At 7 minutes, the fog got closer and grew wider. At the 8th minute, a Boss is released into the field, defeating the boss can get a variety of valuable items. At the 8th minute, the game mode switches to Sudden Death and the player is no longer revived after being destroyed.


In addition to the above activities, gamers can also kill monsters and other players to be able to level up and receive new equipment and skills. The amount of Exp gained will be higher if the opponent’s level is high. In contrast, each player has a 50% chance of losing items if defeated.

In the first 3 matches, the top 14 better players will be promoted while the remaining 6 will remain unchanged. From the 4th match, only the top 8 players were promoted, the 6 middle ranked players remained unchanged, and the bottom 6 ranked players downgraded. There is a reward that will be given to whoever comes in first for the first time each season. After each season, the results table is reset.

League of Angels II category MMORPG 3D, the game is rated as one of the best web games in 2016. The game has an innovative combat system that combines action, strategy and role-playing elements. The graphics in the game reach a high level, the plot is attractive. The new Isle of Doom game mode requires the character to be at least level 85.

You can download the game here:

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