Summary of TI8 2nd day of competition in Group A & B: EG dominates, Secret struggles

TI8 Group Stage Day 2 1 - Emergenceingame

Wrapping up TI8 after day 2, we saw the commendable efforts of several teams.

Table A

Similar to the first day of The International 2018, Evil Geniuses continued to lead the rankings in Group A on the second day of competition. However, there are some interesting things on the rankings:

Evil Geniuses are almost undefeated

After just one loss on day one, EG started their second day on a great note – starting with an easy win over OG. Against PSG.LGD, this is probably the first game we’ve seen Pudge at TI8 and it wasn’t the pick to start the day for LGD.

LGD’s loss to EG means that EG only lost one match on the first day of competition. Meanwhile, the Chinese teams are still struggling to find their own form.

Teams in the middle of the standings

Below EG are some of the favorites at this year’s TI – including TI7 champion Liquid. However, the team had a pretty bad start to the group stage, mostly drawn, maybe the team is having the same problem as LGD.

Fnatic got themselves 4th place in the rankings after day 2, which is quite surprising. The team should have had their first win over Mineski by 30k networth, but Abed Azel ‘Abed’ Yusop recreated one of Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao’s classic throws when he flew straight in. opponent’s fountain up to 2 times. Luckily for Fnatic, in game 2 everything went their way, then the next game they drew against IG.

At the bottom of the table

Both OG and VGJ.Thunder got off to a terrible start at TI8, both near the bottom of the group. However, today they have shown us commendable efforts. OG started day 2 against EG, they didn’t seem to have a chance to win, but when it came to Mineski OG did. Despite giving themselves a 2-0 result, it still didn’t help them go any further, leading Winstrike and drawing with VGJ.Thunder.

For VGJ.Thunder, the team’s victory is similar to Winstrike’s as it doesn’t change the team’s position in the rankings much. This victory only made VGJ.Thunder leave the bottom of the table and bring Winstrike to replace, along with a draw with OG.

Group A after the second day of competition:

TI8 d2 - Emergenceingame

Table of Omissions

Yesterday we saw Secret draw with Serenity and lose to VGJ.Storm, today things are not better for the team as all three Secret matches ended in a draw. This only helps the team not to fall to the bottom of the table.

Which path for Secret

After holding a draw with, Secret hopes that the confrontation with paiN Gaming will give them an opportunity to increase their rank in this group stage. However, the Brazilian team was prepared and despite an unsuccessful start, the team held to a draw with Secret.

This makes the match against Vici Gaming the last chance for Secret to increase the rank, the Chinese team has not had any victory since day one. On day 2 we saw that Vici Gaming found themselves again when they won convincingly in the first game. But in the second game we saw a completely different VG, a team that had no connection with each other and this created an opportunity for Secret to equalize. This draw pulled Secret out of the bottom area of ​​Group B.

VGJ.Storm is no longer undefeated

Yesterday we saw an undefeated VGJ.Storm, today OpTic Gaming got themselves a game win against the team from the NA region – but this draw did not make VGJ.Storm fall when where they beat PaiN Gaming 2-0 to secure the top spot.

Current Table B:

grp b ti2 321 - Emergenceingame

One of the most impressive teams is probably Team Serenity. The dark horses from China have proven that they are very formidable, as evidenced by the team being able to hold a draw with the big teams. The team only lost to Newbee with a score of 2-0, hopefully we will see more Riki cores from this young team. TNC and VP were quite silent, for Optic, the victory over Newbee was the only thing that kept them from falling to the bottom of the table.

According to VP Esports

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