Summary of the latest Mega Academy Code 2023 and how to enter

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After a while of waiting, gamers were able to play the game Mega Academy and experience the Pokemon training process in accordance with the original standards, with attractive Mega Academy Codes for Pokemon trainers. Currently, Mega Academy is having a lot of incentives for players, join the game and receive VIP 5, 5000 KC, Rayquaza S+ and other valuable gifts.

Like Super TreasureMega Academy is an extremely attractive Pokemon arena strategy game now available on Android and iOS platforms, the game owns hundreds of types of pokemon from normal to rare for players to recruit and build. maintain, upgrade, evolve into super pokemon. The latest Mega Academy code will help you do it faster.

student code mega

Summary of the latest Mega Academy Code list

1. Latest Mega Academy Full Code

CODE 3: PKM9999

2. The Fastest Way To Enter Mega Academy Code

Step 1: At the main interface of Mega Academy, select Settings icon.

enter the code of the game, student mega

Step 2: Press Giftcode.

doi giftcode game student mega

Step 3: Fill Mega Academy gift code => press consent icon.

use the code to learn mega

Step 4: The system will display a message to enter Mega Academy’s giftcode successfully with the rewards received.
full code of mega student and how to enter

3. How to Get the New Mega Academy Code Game

If you want to receive more free Mega Academy GAME CODE, you should not miss the attractive events to welcome gamers, celebrate the game’s launch, only at the game’s official Fanpage and Group. Here you can get Mega Academy giftcodes, the latest game information every day and participate in exciting activities like “Show off your loaded screen – get more codes”.

– Mega Academy homepage

– Mega Academy Fanpage

– Mega Academy Group

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