Summary of the basic Bosses in Terraria

Nhung con boss co ban Terraria 700 - Emergenceingame

The article will summarize information about some bosses in Terraria and Terraria Mobile Help players easily defeat them as well as their position appear.

Nhung con boss co ban Terraria 700 - Emergenceingame

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Summary of the basic Bosses in Terraria

1.King Slime

In Terraria, the Slime is a basic monster and is quite easy to defeat. It will drop the basic material to make the torch. The leader of the Slimes is King Slime, summoned by the Slime Crown item. In the Event, this boss can appear when you are near Water Candle, or you can kill 150 normal Slime. Take advantage of the terrain to defeat it. The rewards are quite good in the early game.

Boss terraria slime - Emergenceingame

2. Eye of Cthulhu

The Eye of Cthulhu, also known as the eye of Cthulhu, is a giant eye that falls from the sky. It can be summoned every night if the following conditions are met:

  • 200HP or more
  • 3 or more NPCs living in the house
  • More than 10 defense points.

It is also summoned using the item Suspicious Looking Eye. This boss can walk through walls and spawn Servants of Cthulhu.

Boss terraria eye of CTHULHU - Emergenceingame

3. Eater of Worlds

The Eater of Worlds is a giant earthworm with sharp jaws. It will appear when the 3rd Shadow Orb is broken or when using Worm Food on the Corruption area, if you leave the area, it will disappear. Eater of Worlds is a difficult boss to defeat, even for skilled players. Because it is a rather large Boss, it can go through blocks and each part of it can be separated to deal damage. Upon defeating it, the player will receive Shadow Scales, which is the only source of this material in the game. It also gives a large amount of Demonite Ore.

Boss terraria 3 - Emergenceingame

4. Brain of Cthulhu

As its name suggests, Brain of Cthulhu is a giant brain with a peculiar shape. It is summoned each time the third Crimson Heart is destroyed or by using the item Bloody Spine in the Crimson region. If you leave, it will disappear. Brain of Cthulhu only has 1000 HP, but it is quite difficult to kill. Use a long-range weapon to take it down, and this boss is also immune to Knockback. Upon killing it, the player will receive Tissue Samples and large amounts of Crimtane Ore.

Boss terraria 4 - Emergenceingame

5. Queen Bee

Queen Bee is a giant bee with Knockback immunity. It can be summoned by destroying the Queen Bee located in the hives in the underground Jungle, or by using the Abeemination item anywhere in the forest. It is the only source of Bee Wax in the game.

Boss terraria 5 - Emergenceingame

6. Skeletron

The Skeletron is a giant skeleton with a head and 2 arms cacis. It can be summoned by talking to the Old Man NPC and activating his curse at the Dungeon entrance at night. If it fails to kill it overnight, it kills the opponent in 1 hit. Upon defeating this boss, the Dungeon Guradians spawn will stop, allowing the player to enter and exit the Dungeon freely.

Boss terraria 6 - Emergenceingame

7. Wall of Flesh

The Wall of Flesh is a special boss summoned by throwing the Guide Vooloo Doll item into the lava in Underwworld while the NPC Guide is alive. This can be considered as the final boss in Normal mode, because when it is killed, the world will become more chaotic and the Hard mode officially opens.

Boss terraria 7 - Emergenceingame

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