Summary of Facebook unlocking links, Unlocking Appeal Links, Report and FAQ

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Taimienphi has aggregated the Facebook unlock link, Unlock Appeal Link, Report and FAQ from many different sources, when users encounter any problems, they can manually fix the problems by choosing the appropriate link. without having to spend money to ask a 3rd party to do it for you.

In the process of using the social network Facebook, sometimes users encounter problems related to their accounts such as Hack, Report, Block,… At this point, you need to contact Facebook’s customer service team directly and ask for a quick and timely solution.

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Summary of Facebook unlocking links, Unlocking Appeal Links, Report and FAQ

However, this method is quite time-consuming, because if you only send a request, Facebook will need to screen the topic of your question before sending it to the relevant department. Taimienphi will help you reduce your waiting time by listing Facebook unlocking links, protesting links so you can send your request to the right department and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Summary of Facebook unlocking links, Unlocking Appeal Links, Report and FAQ

1. Some popular links.

1.1 Report fake accounts

1.2 Link to change date of birth

1.3 Link to change personal name without waiting 60 days

1.4 Rename the profile page

1.5 Protest when the Group is locked

1.6 Link to appeal the account is disabled according to the policy

2. Personal account appeal links.

The Facebook protest link for individual accounts are:

2.1 Report when you cannot log in to your account: Can’t log in, wrong account, wrong password

2.2 Rename according to local language

2.3 Username not accepted

2.4 Report a login problem:

2.5 Report an account verification problem

2.6 Get support when your account shows signs of being hacked

2.7 Update your security information

2.8 Support delete Facebook account

2.9 Link to report a facebook page problem

2.10 Report a privacy violation

2.11 Report content on Facebook

2.12 Report when your privacy rights are violated

2.13 Report articles not appearing in News Feed

2.14 Failed to load old post

2.15 Contacting Facebook’s customer care call center

3. Fanpage protest links.

3.1 Link to protest against blocked ad account

3.2 Appeal when ad manager fails, payment is locked

3.3 Link to protest when the ad is not approved

3.4 Appeal when ad payment is suspended

3.5 Ask a question about advertising payment

3.6 Error This email address is already in use

3.7 Report issues Fanpage

3.8 Send questions directly to the Fanpage ad management page

3.9 Contact Facebook Ads Support
Above, Tamienphi has shared with you the Facebook unlock links, Unlock Appeal Links, Report and FAQ so you can connect and get the earliest answers from Facebook. Hopefully this General information will be useful and help you solve the problem yourself quickly without resorting to 3rd parties. Also, in case you have forgotten your password, Facebook password without knowing how to do it. How to get it back, please refer to the tutorial article recover facebook password here.

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