Streamer PewPew is getting married?

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Before becoming an entrepreneur, PewPew (real name is Hoang Van Khoa, 29 years old, from Hai Phong) is already a well-known streamer who is noticed and loved by many people thanks to his humorous and approachable talking style. More than a year ago, after temporarily leaving the streaming job, he once shared that he wanted to find a lover to date and get married.

Streamer PewPew.

At that time, PewPew publicly let the relationship “Dating” with a girl named Hong Nhat caused a stir in the online community. Recently, at the wedding of his colleague Streamer Xemesis and the bride Mango Young, Pewpew brought his girlfriend to attend and have intimate moments together. People speculate that when it will be PewPew’s turn to hold a wedding with his secretive girlfriend.

He and his girlfriend Hong Nhat at the wedding of Streamer Xemesis and the bride Mango Non.

Suddenly, last night, December 23, PewPew suddenly shared a photo of holding hands with his girlfriend on his personal Facebook page, but especially in the picture, the female lead is wearing a ring on her little finger. Streamer born in 1991 then quickly received many congratulations from friends and fans.

So the cult of the Four Emperors is only the ViruSs guy who is single.

It is known that his girlfriend is Hong Nhat, born in 1995 and a former student of Nguyen Tat Thanh High School (Hanoi). She is quite private, does not share much information on her personal page and only publishes a few photos. However, fans can easily catch the two people often interacting in the posts of friends and acquaintances.

Before having a love relationship with his fiancée, PewPew had a 12-year relationship with a girl named Lyly when he was an international student in Australia. Although they couldn’t get together after that, the popular streamer always used respectful words when talking about his old love, who accompanied him when he had nothing in hand.

After that, PewPew also participated in the TV show Love Pieces and caused a fever with the saying “I don’t mind going to Hanoi, I just need a reason.” for hot girl Tram Anh.


So after Xemesis’s grand wedding, we’re about to have another epic wedding to look forward to! Congratulation!

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