Starcraft remake free version of StarCraft 2 released

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The StarCraft fan community has remade the first part of the game using the StarCraft 2 engine. StarCraft: Mass Recall is a remake of StarCraft and StarCraft: BroodWar, in the form of Starcraft 2. And the game is completely free to play. .

Version 8.0 of the project, which was released last week, posted on SC2 Mapster, contains 59 levels from Brood War plus 6 levels from the 1998 demo. According to the Team Liquid forum, everything and dialogue from the StarCraft version The original was kept the same and carried over, but the difficulty was adjusted to suit modern strategy games.

In addition to the Mass Recall mod, you can download Eslavers Reedut, developed by modder OmegaWeaponX. Throughout the four chapters and nine levels, the heroes are enhanced, the mod delves deeper into the plot before StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. You can read the instructions on the SC 2 mapster page. These mods are compatible with all versions of StarCraft 2, including the free Starter Edition.

Here is the 7.0 release trailer for the project, posted last year:

This is the third remake of StarCraft. In 2017, Blizzard released StarCraft: Remasted. Then in 2019, StarCraft: Cartooned, changed the graphics to a cute cartoon style, in cooperation with Carbot Animations.

Blizzard said they are continuing to develop StarCraft 2 to prepare for the next chapter of this long-standing strategy game series.

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