For the first time in FIFA, gamers can know how much blood they have been sucked

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Today, Electronic Arts added Playtime – a new built-in feature FIFA 21. This is a feature that will display the time and amount that the player has loaded into the game to help players better control themselves. Pretty much the same way that parents control their children’s game time and money.
EA explains about this feature:

Players can choose the number of matches they want to participate in, the number of FIFA points they want to buy, and the number of FUT packs to be paid in FUT Coins or in FIFA points.


EA developed this feature based on a study showing that players are more comfortable if they know how long they’ve played or how much they’ve deposited. So the game development team designed this feature into a smart prompt to guide gamers to choose. EA said they will continue to develop and adjust the features accordingly to provide players with even more enjoyable game experiences.

An EA representative said that there is no function to prevent players from going over the limit, protecting players from themselves is not the purpose of this feature but to provide players with an overview of the time. the amount they spend on the game so that they can actively control rather than be controlled. FIFA Playtime’s website describes it similarly, adding that the feature simply sends a note to the player like “Play so much, take a break, mate”.


FIFA Playtime will also be available on PC, Mobile, Website as an application

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