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Coming from the game developer Ganbarion, the godfather of One Piece or Dragon Ball, the game is about Shurado- a dark hell where those who are alive are assassins imprisoned when they die. Here all are notorious murderers, brutal and uncompromising. They will still be able to kill people after death by fighting to the death with their enemies and deprive them of their opponents’ weapons and become even more powerful.


Join the game, the player will play the role of a sumurai, run to the gate of the grave and find the enemy there, at which point both will draw their swords and fight a battle for survival. Shurado has a similar gameplay style to Ubisoft’s Glory Wars. The attack and defense through judgment of the opponent’s movements, but this game only has 1vs1 mode, not multiplayer at the same time.


It is known that the game is completely free to bring more opportunities to gamers, the game requires Android operating system from 7.0 or higher, with IOS must be from IOS 10 or higher. The game is now available on all platforms

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