Showing off a good PUBG cosplay photo, the girl was unexpectedly “stoned” because of this detail

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Since its launch in early 2017, PUBG has been quickly embraced by gamers around the world. Homeowners, PUBG enthusiasts and the images of characters and battle costumes in this survival game are constantly cosplayed by fans in many different styles. Even with its influence, PUBG also became an endless source of inspiration for the birth of yearbook photos, wedding photos that could not be more “quality”.

Recently, a female gamer on HTN facebook account (from Soc Trang) posted a picture of her in-game character cosplay on the group. PUBG Mobile caused the people to be in an uproar. Specifically, the image after being posted has received more than 13,000 likes, along with more than 1,000 comments from members, a rare number in hundreds of articles posted every day.


Indeed, looking at this female student’s cosplay photo, she must praise her because its “standard” must also reach 80%. Although perhaps the most important detail is missing, the pan and the hair are not exactly platinum, but in terms of costumes, many similarities can be seen. I thought that the article would receive a lot of praise from the community, but in fact it accounted for a very small number. An extremely small detail, but suddenly became an excuse for the female gamer to receive a lot of teasing, “brick”. That is… dark knees.


Instead of seeing and evaluating the whole, most people focus on such a small detail. But it is clear that the above comments are not positive contributions, but only intended to tease our poor female gamer. But fortunately, TN is not a girl who is sensitive or vulnerable to ridicule. Therefore, the owner of the photo did not show the slightest concern about it.

Besides, before the excessive comments from the majority, some other members expressed their displeasure on behalf of TN who stood up to defend her with rebuttals.

I think that although it is simply a fun joke, sometimes using it in the wrong place, in the right place, in the right object, or in excess can cause many unpredictable consequences. .​

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