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Keyboard shortcuts are an indispensable thing in any game including Apex Legends. To master a battle, proficient use of Apex Legends shortcuts is something that new players need to understand first.

For a survival game like Apex Legends, shortcuts are extremely important, especially when Apex Legends has an extremely fast tempo. Apex Legends shortcuts are not many, but they are very complete for you to do what you want without having to communicate much with each other. For those who have just created an Apex Legends account and joined Apex Legends, what you need to do after creating an Apex Legends account is to learn the shortcuts in Apex Legends through the article below.

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Shortcuts in Apex Legends

– WSAD key: Move forward, backward, left, right.
– Left mouse button: Fire, attack normally.
– Right mouse key: Aim key applies to certain weapons.
– Space key: Jump key in Apex Legends.
– R key: Change ammo, reload.
– B key: Change shooting mode 1 bullet, 3 bullets, automatic (apply 1 type of weapon)
– Shift key (Hold): Helps the character move faster.
– Ctrl / C key: Sit down.
– Q key: Character’s normal skill.
– Z key: Use the character’s ultimate skill.
– E key: Pick up key, hold E to change another gun.
– M key: View the large map in Apex Legends.
– Tab key: Open your inventory in Apex Legends.
– Middle mouse key (roller): change weapon, Ping location.
– F key: Ping enemy location.
– V key: Melee combat.
– Key 1 2: Weapon 1, 2.
– Key 3: Return to hand bo to run faster.
– Key 4: Item heal, armor. Hold down 4 to display a selection of armor and health types.
– G key: Switch to grenade types, hold 4 to display the grenade table.
– H key: Turn off the shield (applicable to Gibratar characters).
– N key: View weapon skins.
– T key: Turn on voice chat in Apex Legends (must set up first).
– Enter key: Chat key in Apex Legends.

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Instructions to change Apex Legends keyboard shortcuts

Step 1: In addition, Apex Legends players can change the keyboard shortcuts to best suit their gameplay, especially the old game. To change we click Settings icon in the bottom corner of the screen.

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Step 2: Next we click on Mouse/Keyboard section, this is to say allow changing Apex Legends shortcuts.

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Step 3: To change change Apex Legends shortcut any we just click on that location.

movie tat in apex legends 5

Step 4: Then a notice board appears, now press the key you want to change.

movie tat in apex legends 6

That is the completion of the Apex Legends shortcut change.

movie tat in apex legends 7

Above has completed the article introducing the shortcuts in Apex Legends as well as how to change the shortcuts in the game. Apex Legends is a great game with 25 million players in just 1 week, so don’t miss the experience of this game on your computer.
In addition, for Apex Legends newbies, you can learn the character classes in Apex Legends, up to 8 Apex Legends character class different for you to choose and join a battle and create extremely different combos.

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