Senna is the next new champion in League of Legends?

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Senna has made her debut as a playable champion in League of Legends, Riot announced via the game’s 10th anniversary event. When Lucian fought against Thresh, he took a good hit on the lantern, freeing many captured souls, including his wife.

On Memorial Day League of Legends turns 10 years old, developer Riot has revealed that there will be many changes in the next version, hinting that Senna is the next new champion to appear in the upcoming update, the missing wife from Lucian’s long past is back on the playing field.

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Senna will be a support marksman, which means players should put her on the support list instead of using her as an AD. She uses a giant rifle to fire her skills, so Lucian will still keep her old gun.

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Many times Senna has been leaked through various channels, including the mysterious fog on Summoner’s Rift, in the last week or so. And finally, by chance she has been confirmed by Riot to be the new legendary champion in League of Legends, Senna will approach players in the update on November 11th.

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While little is known about Senna’s actual gameplay, Riot has released a great CG trailer that gives an insight into her past and personality. The gist is that Lucian’s wife (another famous champion) was killed and her soul was imprisoned in a magical lantern of Thresh.

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Players will probably recognize Senna as the next champion, as Riot revealed her with trailers focusing on Lucian, Senna, and Thresh. Senna doesn’t know much about her being locked into Thresh’s lamp. On October 28, Senna is officially available on the PBE server, if you want to experience this champion before, please download and install the PBE test server to play.

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How to experience before League of Legends on PBE.
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