Secure Email more securely with the 7 methods below

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Choose for yourself email security methods such as: use complex passwords, do not click strange links in emails, use anti-virus software … to help you protect your email, these methods are applicable to both For gmail, Yahoo or Outlook mailboxes, let’s see the details of email security methods in the article.

If Email password Your personal information is exposed, which means that the risk of others knowing your personal information as well as important work documents may be distributed on the Internet. So how to protect the Emails in your mailbox? Here are the 7 simplest email security methods compiled by that you can apply yourself. Email protection mine.

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Safe Email Security Methods

* Method 1: Avoid using only one Email

Using multiple Email accounts at the same time will distract others when they don’t know which is the real Email that you often use. You can use these Emails to register for Website login accounts, social network accounts, domain name management… instead of just using one Email to register those accounts.

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On the market today, 3 email services with the best security features include: Gmail, MS Outlook and Yahoo! Mail.

* Method 2: Use complex passwords

With simple passwords like 111111, 123456setting a password based on date of birth… will make your Emails always put on red alert because those are passwords that anyone can find out if they have captured some necessary information about In addition, it is not a good idea to use the same password for all registered accounts, it is best to use multiple passwords and those passwords must be of a certain length and similar to each other. for complexity.

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You should also regularly change the password for your mailbox, if you use gmail, periodically changing your Gmail password will help you better protect your account, and changing your gmail password is also a way to help you avoid from forgetting the password after a long time of use.

You can enable security features, gmail 2-step verification to protect your mailbox, how to gmail 2 step verification here.

* Method 3: Keep an eye out for Phishing scams

Phishing is a term that is no longer strange to those who often surf the Web, this is a method that professional hackers often use to steal account information such as passwords, online trading accounts. … If at some point you receive an Email asking to enter account information, it is best to stay away from these types of emails, do not be foolish to enter your personal information into that Email.

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The way to get an account of this phishing scam is as follows: Hackers impersonate a certain Website (usually famous websites like Facebook, Amazon…) to fool users.

* Method 4: The less email attachments you click, the better

How to identify dangerous Emails are those that come from unknown addresses or are often spam emails. These emails often have advertising content and include links that require you to click to log in. However, do not rush to immediately click on the Links in these Emails because these links will most likely lead you to Websites containing malicious code, Viruses and other malicious software… Except that is Email. from the bank or the service you are using.

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* Method 5: Do not open attachments when the sender is unknown

If you receive an Email from someone you do not know containing attachments and if you are curious, then surely when you download such files, malicious codes will immediately spread to your computer. your. These are files that when you click on them will automatically download or some EXE files but are placed in popular image formats such as JPG or GIF…

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* Method 6: Regularly scan your computer for Viruses

Your computer should be equipped with an anti-virus software so that if you accidentally click on a link in the Phishing email, these anti-virus software will automatically notify you when it detects Viruses and other malicious codes. harmful so that you can take the fastest measures to prevent their spread.

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You can choose and download one of them Antivirus software 2018 the best.

* 7 . method: Limit public WiFi connections

Connecting to WiFi at public places such as cafes will keep you updated and access the Internet anytime, anywhere. However, if you just surf the Web normally, it’s fine, but if you regularly access online trading accounts, it is possible that spyware will “sniff” what you are doing and are doing. where do.

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Conclude: The above are just 7 methods among many methods of secure Email security. If your habit is one of the problems mentioned in this article, it’s best to fix it right before unfortunate things can happen.

In addition, you can search and use email security support software available on

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