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Currently, the fact that hackers attack users with malicious codes is a painful problem in the online community. With nearly 1 billion users globally, Facebook is like a lucrative prey that hackers target. To ensure the safety of our Facebook account as well as our information, we need measures to prevent hackers such as scanning Facebook malicious code, etc.

We often see that there are some Facebook accounts that share dirty links or spam messages, your wall or you are often added to some very annoying miscellaneous groups, that is completely caused by malicious code. . If in the process of using, you “accidentally” click on unsafe links from those messages, you need to immediately scan Facebook for malicious code to ensure that your account is safe to avoid. Viruses, malware spread stealing data from your account.

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Recently, Facebook and the world’s leading developer of anti-virus and data-safe software, Kaspersky Lab, have cooperated and launched a tool to scan Facebook malicious code, an online anti-virus software. Kaspersky Malware Scan for Facebook.

The way it works is quite simple, after you log in to Facebook, the tool will perform a malicious code check on your Facebook account to see if it is infected with viruses and malware. If yes, Facebook will ask you to do the program with a warning Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned (Your computer needs to be cleaned up), just click Get Started Let the program find and remove threats to your computer.

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And then, you just need to wait a few minutes for the software to scan and complete the process. Then you can log in and use Facebook normally

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With this tool, users can be assured of the safety of their computers as well as their personal information. In just 3 months, this tool has protected more than 260,000 users from malicious code.

However, to ensure maximum safety for your Facebook. recommends that you do not click on strange links shared on facebook, use the best anti-virus programs for your computer such as Kaspersky, ESET Smart Security . In addition, readers can refer to the 2-layer security steps for Facebook to be more secure.

In the world today, there is a ransomware called WannaCry that confuses users, to prevent and detect this malicious code, you can download BKAV CheckWanCry software to scan the entire system, BKAV CheckWanCry will help detect your computer is infected with this dangerous virus and will proceed to remove it.
Good luck !

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